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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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I am Mrs. Zara Usman and am 35 years old with 2 kids, the wife of Late Dr. Ahmed Usman, a business man in Palestine and within the UAE region but was killed during the war between Israelis and Palestine.

After the death of my husband, my brother inlaw claimed my late husband business and most of his properties in the country and bought all the family members to support him then i travelled to Benin Republic because my late husband made it clear to me before he died that he has existing sum of US$5.500.000 [ Five Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars] which he deposited in Bank here in Benin Republic. The fund was meant for the purchase of farm machineries and equipment for other business venture.
Three days after my arrival here in Benin Republic, to my greatest Surprise my late husband brother also came to Benin republic here to claim my late husband landed properties too so i was force to filed the case to court because i have two kids with my late husband and is my kids right to inherit their fathers properties.

I will need your help to have access to the fund so i can be able to fight for the case in court with my brother inlaw in claiming the landed properties, if you are willing to help then i will personally introduce you to the DEPOSITED BANK as my foreign partner then we work on the Transfer OR we can even instruct the bank to program the fund on ATM CARD and send to you please help me save the futures of my kids.
So please if you truly want to help then get back to me with your details as it is below...
So if you really wish to assist me then you must be willing to comply with the bank's options, please reply immediately so i can link you up with the bank, do understand that this fund is for investment purpose and when i relocate to your country and you will be in charge of every business we invest the fund, also know that you will stand as a my foreign partner and this will be beneficial to both me and you, so please do send me your full details as it is above.
I will wait for your reply soon.



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