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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Our attention was drawn to the issue of your unpaid compensation. the financial crimes Enforcement office in West Africa revealed you have a genuine unpaid compensation funds approved in West Africa as a result of loss to scammers over the years, we have contacted the US US offices in West Africa for confirmation and proof of your compensation fund approval, we have been waiting for final approval for the payment authorization.

After our investigation, the office handling payments of the compensation confirmed your funds is in the US and waiting clearance for long, are you aware of this?

However you must stop communication with fraudsters all over Africa scamming hundreds of Americans of millions yearly, if you have been dealing with any..first you need the right information to know exactly where you fund is and how the fund will be delivered to you. there is a confirmation you have a legitimately approved compensation fund and the money was moved to the US. be advised to also make inquiry with Mr: Clement bernard immediately to know the status of your unpaid funds or if it was confiscated.

The only way to win the war against internet scams is by having you and thousands of Americans protected.We Therefore urge you to report and forward us suspicious emails you may or have received telling you about any funds owed to you so we can verify the source of such message before you respond to it, If you are still dealing with any persons, Banks or organization concerning any other funds, then feel free to forward the email to us.


Mr: Clement bernard
Clement Ademola.

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