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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Global Funds Recovery Office.
Address: 14 Gbetekwme St, Lagos Nigeria .
Contact Person: Director In Charge: Rev.Fr.Richard Mike

Attn, Your Personal Information's Where Banned.

Have you ever taken time to think why it is always stories after stories, fees after fees, excuses after excuses whenever you where directed to a certain Banks, Offices, Attorney, Companies in other to receive a Fund you where told it belongs to you, and due to all these disappointments and failures, you might have concluded there is no legitimate transaction for you from all the emails you receive about your Funds.

The secret about the delay and your hard time on completing your transaction to your end is not mainly on the fact that those transaction are fake or real, even though most of the transaction you have dealt with are not legitimate and it always got you confused as you don't know the hints/means of identifying the legitimate transaction from the fake once, and it should be one of the things I will explain to you, rather my purpose of writing this letter is to reveal to you the secret behind your hard time on receiving all the Funds you have expected which you might have send some fees for that.

The secret behind your hard time on receiving most of your Funds was because: All your personal information's (Bank Account information and Home address) which you have been sending online to most of the emails demanding for it with purpose of using it to release your Fund, It was discovered that most of those people you normally sends your personal informs to are not really who they claimed to be, rather they are the Internet Fraudsters/Internet Scammers.

These Internet Fraudsters/Internet Scammers was confirmed to have attempted on using your Bank Account information and your Home Address to carry out ONLINE FRAUD TRANSACTION which was noticed and stopped by your State Government, and during further investigation towards the ONLINE FRAUD TRANSACTION, it was confirmed that your Bank Account and home address was attached to the ONLINE FRAUD TRANSACTION, therefore your Bank Account and Home Address was listed and labeled by your
state Government as a FRAUD-ACCOUNT and likewise to your home address was also labeled as a FRAUD ADDRESS.

Your State Government did labeled your Bank Account and Home Address as a FRAUD-INFORMATION, and they have been waiting for your complain in regards to that just to prove your self right from the ONLINE FRAUD TRANSACTION and due to your silent towards the issue of you as a Suspect on ONLINE FRAUD TRANSACTION which was made using your whole personal information, your Bank Account was banned from receiving any International transaction and your home address banned from receiving any international delivery from any company or diplomat.

I know you might have tried to receive some Funds through Bank to Bank transfer and it always fails you, therefore the reason for that is just because your Bank Account was banned from such transfer as a result of what I explained above, and likewise to your home address as am sure you might have expected to receive so many delivery to your home address which always fails to get to your home address just because your home address was also banned, most of those people sending the delivery to you will always ask you to send fees for some endless clearance but that is not the solution, Even when you where allowed to receive an ATM Card, your State Government will also block the withdrawal access of the ATM Card and you will always find it difficult to withdraw a reasonable amount from the Card, They will always demand fees in regards to all these issue but that is never a solution to that.

NOTE: If you continue sending fees from now till world end, you will never confirm any Fund at your end just because of the above explained reasons, and solution to that is just to contact your state Government and make a written note to them explaining that you are not aware of the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION that was made using your personal information, and that is only when your Bank Account and Home Address could be removed from the WORLD FRAUD LIST so as to enable you start
confirming your real Funds to your end.

This Office are the only Office who are in the position to give you the contact information to contact the right OFFICE where you will make the written note and explain your unaware and innocent towards the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION that was made using your personal information.

NOTE: In other to remove your personal information's, Bank Account and home address from the World Fraud List, you need to obtain a LETTER OF APPEAL from the Federal High Court and sent to your State Government, and this Letter Of Appeal will contain all the necessary written explanation to plead to your State Government that you where innocent of the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION that was carried out using your personally information's by the unknown people, while the Letter of appeal will cost you only $150, And after that, your state Government will direct you to the legitimate Office where you will receive your only approved Compensation sum of $5.5 Million being the only approved Fund in your name, therefore stay away from all your previous transaction till father notice.

If you have be block to send through Western Union or Ria, Just use the $150 and Buy Itunes Card and SCRATCH it and send us Picture, Then we can get the $150 eith the Itunes Card $150. ok buy the itunes of $100 and one of $50


AMOUNT: $150.00

Finally, the Content of this email should never be disclose to any third party, it is meant for you all alone and no other person, not even those people you have been dealing with in regards to receiving a Fund from them, therefore keep this secret till further notice, Also reconfirm your names, home address and phone number needed for the making of the written note as explained above.

Thanks for your understanding and I will be expecting to hear from you.


Rev.Fr.Richard Mike
DIR. GLOBAL FUNDS RECOVERY OFFICEe expecting to hear from you.
From the Department of Global Funds Recovery Office Lagos Nigeria.

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