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United Nations Mission in Liberia (Monrovia, Liberia)
United Nations Ambassador Mrs. Christine Elder

Attention my Brother/Sister,

This message is for 23 recipients; I am also not happy on the result of your funds claims today after the unclaimed funds files submitted at my desk for the cancellation process and diversion as the instruction, but I will not blame your apprehension concerning this transaction as I believe you might have been disappointed by people in a way of promises that never comes through and you now finding it difficult to believe any promise or assurance again due to your previous experience. Which I want to advise you that you should not allow your past experience to influence your good sense of reasoning that because of the most people disappointed in promises and assurance; this Embassy management will not keep to their promise.

Failures in promises does not underscore the importance of promise keeping and We have 1000 reasons to prove you wrong that there are still some good institution that never fail in their promises of program as this department is working for the citizens. And if you observed some of our previous email from this mission; you will discover that we have been more emotional and human rather than sticking to the rigid established policy of the management.

Do you think that I did not feel what you felt in this transaction and the resources invested on it by the citizens, if there is any person that wants the success of this transaction I think I will be the first to be counted, because it will leads me to the next position and more trust by the United States Government as you don’t know that the boost of the successful completion of this transfer will have on my departmental appraisal. Which we are not writing this mail to buy you up or pushed you a way from your personal believe but to ensure that at last you will make good recommendation of this mission as we in credible and reliable and my person in particular. The slogan of United Nations Ambassadors is "WE CAN" and I assure you that WE CAN release your Fund (US$4.950, 000.00) EACH once you complied with us.

And I want to assure you that this will not delay as I am contented with what God gave me and I only leave for him. There is no way or gain for me to cheat you in mission of the (United Nations) United States Government and I will never be part to cheat or cause delay for the transfer. Actually there's corruption everywhere but am given you 100% assurance that this is not part of it because this mission was established by the United States for back up and help up the citizen from different countries that losing their funds illegal, so believe me and send $190 fee to endorse your funds renewal procurements as you have been advised. I advice you to proceed to the nearest Western Union or Money Gram agent location and send the $190.00 as soon as you receive this message.

Below is the information you will use to send the $190 via western union or money gram for endorsement of your funds renewal procurements.

Receiver Name==== Mohammed T Toure
Country ======= LIBERIA
City ========= MONROVIA
Code ======== 231
Text Question ==== When
Answer =======Now
Amount ======== $190.00 USD
Sender Name ====
MTCN ====

And information for the transfer:-

Your Bank Name:
Account Name:
Account Number:
Routing Number:
Bank Address:
Home Address:
Telephone Number:

Then you get back to me as I will be waiting to hear from you for the procedures and confirmation of your funds transfer to your bank account.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Christine Elder
United Nations Ambassador (LIBERIA)

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