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DATE OCT 26/10/2013 TIME 04:59PM

Greetings from the United Nations (UN) Office.

Be informed that during our investigations, we discovered that you were being subjected to strict Bureaucratic Bottlenecks that will make it difficult for you to claim your parcel/Fund. In this way, Because we observed that some Courier/Bank keeps this parcel in their office for business a gender and that is why we step into ensure that you get your fund this time. We have stopped all illegal operations regarding your fund and we are to monitor your fund just to make sure that your fund will be delivered to you in adherence to normal International Delivery Regulations.

Most of the requirements from these Courier and Bank are not official and not in compliance with International Delivery Regulations so we will ensure that any process that has to be followed is in compliance with the International Delivery Regulations.

We have checked your File NO: BR/227/9005666/00 and everything is completed in your file except that you are yet to secure Clearance from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and equally clear off the safe keeping which your Consignment/ Parcel accumulated.

This requirement accumulation has generated about $275.00 usd but because we have entered into your case the board of trustees has decided to pay over 90% of the fees on your behalf so to make sure you receive your Consignment fund, Therefore you are only required to pay $77.00 USD.

This Clearance is important since you are claiming huge sum of money, it is legally and legitimately required that you secure the Clearance from the (FATF) so that when the fund is delivered to you, it will not be tagged "Money Laundering". Meanwhile In order to secure this clearance, you will need to send the fee with the below

Here is the Payment Information

Receivers Name: PIONER EKWEMO
Country: Benin
City: Cotonou
Test Question: How Long?
Test Answer: Today
Amount: $77.00 USD

Try your possible best to send the money today so that the delivery of your parcel will commence and you will be rest assure to receive your package within 22 hours express delivery as all the modalities regarding the smooth delivery of your parcel has been putting in place pending when you will send the money. I will advise that you call me with +22961678005. as soon as you read this mail so that we can talk better on phone.

The report reaching us shows that you have close to $3,million United state worth of package with the respective authority. Guarantee: Our office at London has issued out a certify guarantee for your relax mind since 2nd of January that the consignment will duely be delivered to you once the payment been made,

Remember that you are directly dealing with United Nation which is the highest decision making organization in the world so do not hesitate in sending the payment we understood that you have paid so much money to western union office at Benin sometime last year and some other financial institution so do not complained but quickly copy the name above and go for the payment for a guarantee has been issued out for your relaxed mind.

We await your urgent response to this office so that we can move forward.

My best regards,
Dr. Williams Johnson

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