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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Hassan kafado, the director of the accounts & auditing dept at the Bank OF Africa Ouagadougou-west Africa. (B O A) With due
respect, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be beneficial to both of us.

At the bank's last accounts/auditing evaluations, my staff came across an old account which was being maintained by a foreign client who we
learnt was among the deceased passengers of motor accident.

Since his death, even the members of his family haven't applied for claims over this fund and it has been in the safe deposit account
until I discovered that it cannot be claimed since our client is a foreign national and we are sure that he has no next of kin here to
file claims over the money. As the director of the department, this discovery was brought to my office so as to decide what is to be done.
I decided to seek ways through which to transfer this money out of the bank and out of the country too.

The total amount in the account is (USD 17.500, 000.00).with my positions as staffs of the bank, I am handicapped because I cannot
operate foreign accounts and cannot lay bonafide claim over this money. The client was a foreign national and you will only be asked to
act as his next of kin and I will supply you with all the necessary information and bank data to assist you in being able to transfer this
money to any bank of your choice where this money could be transferred into.

I want to assure you that this transaction is absolutely risk free since I work in this bank that is why you should be confident in the
success of this transaction because you will be updated with information as at when desired.

I will wish you to keep this transaction secret and confidential as I am hoping to retire with my share of this money at the end of
transaction which will be when this money is safety in your account. I will then come over to your country for sharing according to the
previously agreed percentages. You might even have to advise me on possibilities of investment in your country or elsewhere of our
choice. May God help you to help me to a restive retirement, Amen?

Please for further information and enquiries feel free to contact me back immediately for more explanation and better understanding through
this email address (hassankafado@gmail.com)

I am waiting for your urgent response!!!
Thanks and remain blessed.
Mr hassankafado

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