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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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MG Timothy J. Lowenberg,Adjutant General
and Director State Military Department Washington Military Dept.,
Bldg1 Camp Murry ,Wash 98430-5000 USA


This is Mr. Jeh Charles Johnson Secretary of us. homeland security department. we know that you have not received Your fund from Africa! we have finally cash your abandoned long-lost check confirming to be your won compensation funds and we decided to boxed the money for avoiding expiry of the check because it has stayed long in our custody searching for the contact to reach you, after our investigation we discovered that the money is not an illegal payment, The fund values the sum of $20 million dollars. So kindly reconfirm your full details as instructed below.

1. Full name.........
2. Phone number...................
3. Current home address............
4. Occupation..................
5. Nearest Airport................
6. All Your E-mail Account.........

I wait for your urgent and positive respond is highly needed to avoid much delaying .

You can call Mr Luke Chyben a director of overseas
Payment of the presidency office who is charge to give instruction approval
to releasing the boxed-money consignment to me for onward delivering it to
your are advice to text Mr.jerry mark with this numbers because he is the agent whom can deliver your package to your step door,+1 (203) 586-0717

Sincerely Yours

Mr Peter Godwin
Secretary us department of homeland security.

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Attention Dear,Happy Christmas in advance to you,

It's my pleasure to remind you that your ATM Visa Card with
registration CODE (P22x96tm/16/ XXFCBR7777 ) which was successful
registered for delivery office few days ago it will be cancel on the
9th of December if you fail to send the required fee with some of
$100,USA dollars for the two stamps of your documents with the Singing
,so i am here to let you know that you are the only one that is
delaying your fund here which is total sum of $20.6 million usa
dollars,and remember that we do not have enough of time to keeping
delaying on this any more Because of the Christmas holidays ,so you
need to do your possible best to get this done before the 9th of
December, so you can receive your card and start making use of it at
any ATM branch around you,you first withdraw per a day is only $10,000
usa dollars only be in mind,

Your ATM Visa Card delivery will be cancel shortly because of the
Christmas holidays, so you need to work hard and its very urgent for
you to receive your card before the holidays ,
Here are the details of your ATM Visa Card;

1: Your Pin Code (1289)
2: Your CVN Code 339
3: Amount Permitted For Withdrawal is $10,000.00 usd Daily.


Registration Number:------P22xv96tm/ 16/ XXFCBR7777
Delivery Status:----------Virtual Pending
Delivery Type:-----------Premium Service
Color of package :--Red
Total weight of parcel :----0.1kg
Bonded draft of weight :----0. 1kg
parcel/original certificate of weight :--0.2kg

So, I am to hear from you right back because the fee of 100$ is only
what is hold your package here right now and its very urgent like i
have told you,so you can start withdrew some money with the card
before the December holidays , please I want to hear from you right
back soon as you really want you money here ,
Thank once again,

thank you so much, your urgent response is highly needed,
you can also call the new Agent with his number or text+1{508-568-6816}
Sincerely Yours
Mr. John Edward
Secretary us department of homeland security

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From: "Mr Peter Godwin," <>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2020 20:10:56 +0100
Subject: Attention Dear,Happy Christmas in advance to you,
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