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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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From: From The Vice President <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 21:17:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>


Good day to you. I want you to understand that this is not the same thing as you may be thinking; I am a devoted Christian and will never
do anything evil to harm my fellow Person. I am living well with my income. That I am working as a (Vice President of the United States)
does not mean that I should soil my hands in corruption. I have a good family background; my father is a God fearing man and he raised
his children in a Christian way. When I mean Christian, I mean those with the fear of God. Therefore, my relationship with God matters.

Why must I cheat on you, does that solve my problems? Look this world does not end on the planet earth, after death come judgment. Please
don’t be in any doubt of this successful arrangement made for you to receive and secure your US$20Million without any inspection.

Again for the fact that I am a stranger to you does not make me a strange person to you. So this is real as it is not a hoax or any other thing on the contrary. God is my witness about what I am telling you. I can’t deceive you if I should do that, it then mean that I am not serving the living Lord. You shouldn’t be demoralized as there is nothing wrong about your fund. To be candid with you, I want you to understand clearly that as far as I am concerned you have nothing to risk about regarding this transaction, I can not be here wasting my time and yours if this is not true, I am too religious for that, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

I will equally take some step further to allay your fears that you have nothing to fear. I really have to say this to you, I am a born again Christian which I believe you are, but I have to still assure you here that you are dealing with a responsible Man and of high integrity. God is my witness about what I am telling you. I can’t deceive you.

My parents does not teach us to lie, even in the worst condition, we should continue to say the truth because it is only the truth that can set us free as it is written in John Chapt 8. VS 32. It is bitter to hear but truth is life and light. I just want you to know that there are bad people in this life and good people, I want you to know that a lot of scam has been going on in the internet people are very careful if they are doing any business on the internet, because they don’t want to fall victim to internet fraudsters, my friend it will interest you to know that this particular US$20Million transfer into your
personal bank account will be issue to you is authentic and genuine and all the documents to back up the fund is available in your name as

Your fund has been approved for immediate transfer confirmation into your personal bank account up on the wire transfer payment slip receipt of US$65 as directed below so you are covered.

Believe me and trust me that you will organize a big party to celebrate the success in getting this fund. I am not a wicked person as I cannot benefit anything in sitting on your fund and preventing you from receiving it. That will coincide with the thanks giving celebration you will host when I come over there to meet you am the one that encouraged you up to this final stage and prosperity will be against me if we couldn’t conclude this transaction and for you not to receive your fund. so get back to me with below information

Your Name:...............
Your Phone Number:...............
Your Address:....................

Actually scam exists but this is not one. You have to trust me on this one ok ,and also it is against the (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CABINET MEMBERS ) rule to scaM your hard earn money on the internet for you to see why because of internet hackers and spy are everywhere so if i should do so i will be charge to court and may be find my self in jail, so I am making my self clear to you that this is real and as soon as you make the payment of US$75 as directed below without any mistake then I will immediately proceed with your US$20Million transfer. You have to be rest assured that you have reached your success and final destination of getting your funds soon. Good luck as you acts as instructed by this office. God bless you and your family.

The above money should be sent in via WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM or Itune card $75 within 24 Hrs in favor of the smooth confirmation of the funds into your Account..

Receiver Name : LON BASON
Address : BENIN
Test Question: IN GOD
Answer : WE TRUST
Amount :US$75
Sender Name...................?
Sender Address.................?
Reference Numbers..................?

Thanks for your understanding

Mr Mike Pence
Vice President of the United States


Never use Money Gram,Western Union,Ria to send a fee to strangers. Never buy an i-tunes card,Amazon card(s) to send to scammers.Never use bitcoin and send the wallet/address to scammers. If you do,it is gone for ever. If you must send the money (please don't), insist on Using direct bank transfer only. Send the money to a US,UK,Canada, or South Africa bank account only. You could get your money back by following the advice below..
If you send money to this scammer or to any scammer,please
In the US...
1.first... file a police report
2. second... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report
in the UK...
1.first... file a police report
2. second... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report

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