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wal.martofficetransfer@gmail.com - Brenda Scott

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Dear Beneficiary

Your Bank Check Draft is been delivered here by the official diplomatic agent but the Chief Risk officer has been re-directed your payment via WALMART payment center of and you are to be receiving a Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart transfer once you have contacted the payment office with your full receiver's information and we have made the first payment on your name this morning and here is your Wal-Mart Ref No 893-105-943.

In, a Wal-Mart TO Wal-Mart transfer, you will be receiving the sum of $2,500.00, per Lump but the payment has to be committed $2,500.00, (x) 3 times daily which is totally $7,500.00 every blessed day, So shall your Payment will continue until you pick up your total approved US$850,000.00, from Wal-Mart transfer service,

Walmart Reference number will be sending to you in every each of the payment sent to you.Your postal code of Conduct is: (WALT016) It's your personal code of conduct between you and this service data only. You can use it to locate/track down your files when lose or been delayed more than your expectation.

Bellow are the INFORMATION REQUIRED to confirm from you to start receiving your daily payment from the Wal-Mart payment service,

Here is the information :

Your full name AND address:
Name of your Country/ City:
Cell/office address:
Current occupation:
Contact telephone number:

Contact Mr. Christ Richard, the Walmart payment operating Manager, so that you can pick up your first payment from the Wal-Mart transfer service with this Wal-Mart Ref

No 893-105-943. but remember that you will purchase him an iTunes gift Card of $100, for him to activate your first of $2500, Reference No 893-105-943, immediately before you will be instructed to go and pick up the money from the Walmart office but failure to purchase him an iTunes gift Card of $100, he will not activate your first payment of $2500, which will render the reference number invalid, so try to contact them for the payment because they have been waiting to hear from you now

because your payment file will be canceled if not heard from you from now till the next 3,DAYS.
Location : Capital Plaza Land-over Hills, MD, USA, contact Phone number; +1937 453 0093
Mrs.Brenda Scott Officer

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