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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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My name is Daniela, I hope I'm in a position to help someone out
there in need of financial assistance with My story,If this
message is in your spam its due to my email server, in December
2017 I was in a bad condition, my bills were overdue, there was
no Money for my rent, I was almost homeless, I lost my job I
could barely feed, then when I read an article online I came
across the Hacker Friedrich leaumont Blank ATM
( he told me About this
universal ATM card he delivers around the world only serious
individuals, at first I Felt unsure about the card, he told me
of the card ability to withdraw $5,000 daily and also make a
transfer to ones local bank from any atm outlet From any ATM near
me ,the good thing about this card is it was just like my I
ordered the card and it came here within 2 days to be honest from
December 29 2017 to date I made $890,000 ,now i own houses in
Miami and i have invested a lot on real estate,i recommended this
debit card to my relatives and in 2 days they got theirs , now
they keep thanking me because they have all set up their
business, I know Someone might be going through financial
challenges out there and I hope that this will be able to help,
you can contact Hacker Friedrich leaumont Blank ATM via his
personal email ( or his company
email( and order yours, If you have
personal questions about my experiences with the card you can
reply this email,i'll write back in my free time.
Technology is the new wave that has taken the world,dont work so
hard and earn less,This i was told and now i'm rich, A try wont
hurt and its totally safe.
Daniela R Hughes.

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From: Daniela <>
To: [Redacted]
Subject: Universal Debit Card
Date: 05 Jan 2019 18:03:48 -0600

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