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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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wunion3480@gmail.com - Lary Remond

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Western Union transferring payment head office
741 Rue Des Franciscans Adido gome
Benin Republic / Lome broade P.O Box 9263
E-mail: { wunion3480@gmail.com }

How are you doing,

I know it is because of your past expenses that make you not to
believe me but I told you before that I cannot deceive you because my
bible says what shall it profit a man to gain material things and
loose your soul, any way their is good news now, i raised some money
to help you out and make sure that your payment will be release to you
the same day you send the $48.00 usd as well. I borrowed money
yesterday after service from my Pastor, then you have to send the
remain balance now only $48.00 usd but i don't see the reason why you
have keep silent on me not to respond back, honestly I am just
disappointed at your behaviors because you know that I cannot deceive
you, Just pay the $48.00 usd and leave rest for me watching me if I am
telling you lies or not.

Your payments is already approval today for you to receive it but the
management here says that you must pay $48.00 usd for the Stamp and
activation charge before you can receive the payment today, please
send the charge through western union or money gram immediately, i
have assured you a time without number that this is genuine and
legitimate. I swear If I fail to release your payment after you send
the $48.00 usd as I promise don't count on me again, I cannot fail
you, I promise you, don?t fear as soon as you send the $48.00 usd
today please leave the rest to me and see if I am lie to you because I
can not use my life swear because of $48.00 usd how can I swear
against my life because of this small amount? it is to show you that I
am telling you the truth.

You have an assurance of receiving your payment once this is settled
and whatever that arises next shall be taking care of by this our head
office, but i swear nothing is going to come up again after this and i
will make sure you start receiving your funds immediately or i will
write a petition against our headquarter office and they will have
whatever you have spent on your funds sent it back to you first thing
tomorrow. Just try and understand because i do not want you to loose
your funds that you have spent so much on now you have only one step
to receiving your funds. Do not allow the devil to turn your mind
against this because by the time you realize you have a mistake, it
might be too late to recover.

I make this latter of guarantee in good faith, having consulted with
my superiors federal high court office and witnessed by our federal
ministry of finance attorney Lawyer, notice: this payment was approved
by the federal ministry of finance Cotonou, Benin rep. to beneficiary
only. Note: The court has taken all legal verification against your
transaction. it is hereby confirmed that your fund within World Bank
Of West Africa Benin Republic is 100% genuine. In Accordance with
section 311, subsection 29 {B} Of The Executor-ships Law of the Benin
Government by the Authority conferred on me, I Justice MR. LARY
REMOND. hereby give this Letter of Guarantee to you as the beneficiary
of the transfer payment fund OK.

I will guarantee you 100% sure that you will not pay any more money
after you send this fee because you will pick up your first payment
within 45minutes after receiving the last fee from you and I will be
the cost of the fee if it is any other fee but I believe that no other
fee will be ask for you to pay again I am makes sure that I must put
smile on your face in next 45 minutes I am waiting for your payment
because this transaction has taken so long and I don't want you to
lose this fund at the end This are your funds which is already in our
system to transfer to you and it will be release to you as soon as you
pay the (A.R.O) Authorization Release Order fees of $48.00 usd.


Receiver First Name :::::::: AUSTINE
Receiver Second Name :::::::: MABIA
Country :::::::: Benin Republic
City :::::::: Cotonou
Question :::::::: color
Answer :::::::: Blues
Amount :::::::: $48.00
Money Transfer Control Number :::::::: (M.T.C.N)
Sender's name ::::::::
Sender's Direct Telephone::::::::::

I promise you as soon as we hear from you with the payment fee of
$48.00 Today we shall send your pick up information details the same
day you send the $48.00 usd, I swear and i will not fail to release
your first transfer payment fund of $3,000 today OK.

Yours Sincerely

Foreign Operation Payment Center,
General Managing Director
Telephone +229 95602807

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From: "MR. LARY REMOND." <inspectordavid222@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 03:45:26 -0800
Subject: How are you doing,
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Bcc: [Redacted]
Country Code: 229
Country Name: Benin
Type: Mobile
Validity: The number is the correct length for a Benin phone number.
More information at ScamNumbers.info

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Re: wunion3480@gmail.com - Jim Larry

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Provision of Affidavit of Claim Certificate for Legal Cover/
Protection of US$1.5 Million Dollars in favor of you. Please let us
start by apologizing to your humble and noble person. This is because
your payment file worth the total sum of us$1.5 Million us dollars has
just been brought to my desk for cancellation which i have taken my
time to look into your payment file to know why your funds should be
canceled and i found out that it was because of your inability to
secure your Release Approval Order Certificate (RAOC) that is why they
have resolved to have your payment of $1.5 Million us dollars
canceled. However, due to humanitarian ground and sympathy.

I do not want your payment canceled. Therefore, i immediately called
up the president to explain your matter to him as regards your payment
and he personally called up a meeting which was resolved that all
payment charges and any payment fee should be reduced to it's barest
menial in order to enable you afford to pay the fee so that your
payment will be release to you today.

To this end, it will interest you to know that any fee/charges
required from you have been reduced to only the sum of $58.00 us
dollars. This step is in order to enable you have this only fee paid
so that your release approval order certificate (RAOC) will procured
and acquired in other to enable the speedy accelerated transfer of
your $1.5 Million us dollars into any bank account of your choice.

Please we want you to know that you have till the end of today to
effect the required payment so we can clear, release and effect the
transfer of your fund worth us$1.5 Million us dollars in our care to
any bank account of your choice, so we advise you to pay the $58.00 us
Dollars through the western union money transfer or Money Gram as
Below: Send the $58.00 us dollars through Western Union or Money gram.

Receiver's Name : Austin Mabia
City: Cotonou Benin Republic
Country: Benin Republic
Amount: $58.00 us dollars only
Sender's Name:......................
MTCN Number:......................

We want you to know that we are indeed very sorry for any
Inconveniences. Please, be advised to comply with the above
Demonstration and then your fund will release to your bank account
Within 30 minus after the receipt of the required fee $58 today.

You will never ever regret paying the fee; this is a promise to you
After all your pains in the past as we are here to serve you as our
Word always our bonds.

Confirm the receipt of this e-mail immediately and be rest assured
That you will be smiling to your bank once you comply with the above
Directives now. Your urgent response to this e-mail will go a long way
In helping us ensure your payment is released to you within 24 hours
Of you acting as instructed.

Looking forward for your immediate response today.

Kind Regards, Mr.JIM LARRY
Director International Monetary
Resident Representative in Benin Republic.
( wunion3480@gmail.com

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From: "Mr.JIM LARRY" <mrsdawsonsusan101@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 04:24:04 -0700
Subject: Looking forward for your immediate response today.
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Bcc: [Redacted]

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Re: wunion3480@gmail.com - Nancy Montgomery

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Attention Beneficiary funds,

Today is Monday been 15th of July and I am very sure that I sent you
this mail before but you did not take it seriously, today I am sending
you the same mail again because I am not feeling happy whenever I see
your transaction details here on my table as unpaid and incomplete
transaction and I am very sorry and surprised as you have decided and
feel to abandon your payment just because of the fee while you know
that this fund can change your life, you aware that I real want to
help you and make this transaction happen without any delay, I sent
you this message before and I'm still re-sending it back to you once
again, I real want you to receive your fund because it sound very bad
and so sad that you loose your payment transfer just because of the
fee, I don't know why you just want to abandon your valid payment
transfer just for nothing, can you see that you are the one delaying
your payment here? you just hold your transfer for nothing, could you
be able to count how many times I have sent you mails about this
transfer which you never respond.


I can't real know or understand the reason you have decided and choose
to abandon and loose your available fund payment transfer here, I sent
you this mail before and I am writing to inform you once again that I
have some fund at hand to assist you but it is not yet complete and
secondly you have to assured me that after I have help you that as
soon as you receive your first payment that you will return all my
supported money.

Beside I have $150,00 at hand as you know that the required fee is
$210,00, now the remain fee is $55,00, which I asked officer three
good times to be sure that your fund will be release to you after you
complete the remain $55,00 without any more fee because you have paid
a lot of fee and you have never received anything and he ensured me
that nothing will stop you not to receive your fund the same day you
sent the fee, so my dear I want you to go to western union or money
gram and send the remain $55,00 immediately after you receive this
mail because your first payment of $5000.00 will be send to you within
40 minis after I confirmed the required fee of $55,00 okay,

I am assuring you now that you will never be disappointed after
sending this fee today just let me know once you make the payment you
will receive your first of $5000.00 within 40 minutes after receiving
the Last fee from you. Bear it in mind that your total fund is the sum
of $2.7 million and you will be receiving the sum of $5000.00 per day
until you received your total fund completely.
You will send it through western union or money gram with this
information bellow.

Receiver:............ TEKO MICKAEL KANGNI
Question:......... ONLY?
Answer:......... GOD.
Amount........$55.00 USD
Sender name.....

Note, it has already be made for your pickup but you can not pick the
money until you pay the needed fee, here is the tracking status and
result of your transaction which I have made for your pickup now and
be inform that this transaction is real and confirmed and you will
pickup your money within the 40 minutes after you have send the $55
fee only, view the status below and you will see and understand that
you are the one delaying your fund for nothing, I am ready to release
this total payment to you without wasting any time.

Money Transfer Tracking
Welcome to Western Union
MTCN: Available for pick up by receiver.check status of another transfer
Welcome to Western Union

Thanks and God bless as am looking forward to hear from you as the
funds beneficiary.

Mrs. Nancy Montgomery

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From: "Mrs. Nancy Montgomery" <burrowsandy.atmpaymentunit@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2019 13:26:17 -0700
Subject: Attention Beneficiary funds,
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Bcc: [Redacted]

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