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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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from: office file <>
date: Dec 27, 2018, 2:28 PM
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Urgent Attn: Hon: Beneficiary

This email is from Special Diplomat Agent Mr.Barry Douglas from FedEx Courier Company 1400 K St NW 102 Washington, DC 20005. How are you & your family today? hope fine. Pls. be inform that i am still waiting here in Airport for the sake of delivering your sealed Consignment box worth sum of $20.7 Million Dollars.

Sir. I wonder why you still left me stranded awaiting over here.Remember that I am here on this trip for your purpose but you currently left me stranded awaiting over here just because of Customs Bill of Lading of the sum $98.00 Just imaging if you are in my shoes, how will you feel???, being left stranded here in the Airport for over 2 week now. Please i am begging you with the name of God to send the $98 to secured this Customs Bill of Lading so that your consignment box will be release immediately to me by the Airport Inspection Officers here to instantly proceed to your address to hand over your consignment briefcase luggage to you before take my leave back to Washington, DC.

I am advising you to do everything in your power to send the $98.00 so that custom Service will release your consignment to enable me complete this delivery to your destination without any further delay, AGAIN, You know that i have family which am taking care of and its not too good to left them for a long time, beside i am an old man of years and don't need much stress that will cause a sickness to me. However, I don't want to left your consignment and go anywhere because they might open it to know the content of the box which i am trying to avoid. i don't want anything to happen to your consignment box, I don't want them to know that it contains money in it for security reason.

I waits for your urgent action. Please still accept the assurances of my highest consideration and respect in this transaction as I look forward to meeting you in the next few hours as soon as you sent this $98.00 You can then buy iTunes Gift Card if you don't have chance to send it through Western union and make the payment OK.

Receiver Name. Obe Samuel
City Location: Cotonou
Country Location: Benin Republic
Text Question.God
Amount....$98.00 USD Dollar

Thanks and may God Almighty Bless you with your entire
families. Thanks for your understanding,

Thanks and God Bless
Mr. Diplomat Agent Mr.Barry Douglas
FedEx Courier Company 1400 K St NW 102
Washington, DC 20005

Never use Money Gram,Western Union,Ria to send a fee to strangers. Never buy an i-tunes card,Amazon card(s) to send to scammers.Never use bitcoin and send the wallet/address to scammers. If you do,it is gone for ever. If you must send the money (please don't), insist on Using direct bank transfer only. Send the money to a US,UK,Canada, or South Africa bank account only. You could get your money back by following the advice below..
If you send money to this scammer or to any scammer,please
In the US...
1.first... file a police report
2. second... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report
in the UK...
1.first... file a police report
2. second... file a complaint at and include the case number of the police report

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