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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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We contacted you some time ago after the discovery and report regarding
scams you may have suffered and may still be going through from
fraudsters and impostors that sends out thousands aof scam emails daily
looking for foreigners to rip off imposing offices and personals here
but you did not reply or the email was not delivered, we are writing
again to let you know that those impostors and fraudsters who have been
sending you scam email all have your email and other info on their files
and that is why you have been receiving all kinds of scam email, some
group of impostors caught ripping foreigners off from a local cyber cafe
in Nigeria,Cotonou Benin republic and Accra Ghana confessed imposing
Banks/Delivery Company/IMF/FBI/Western Union/Money gram/Diplomat Agents/
and others imposed offices around the globe especially in Africa and
your info is with them, we were told they have requested money after
money for acquiring never existing and fake documents from most of their

The Current corruption and illegal cyber crime activity mainly from
Africa actually in daily practice now literally overruns Europe, America
and Asia massively. Such evil finally blocks all efforts to create a
trustworthy climate for internet Transactions. So many people are
threatened , lied unto and ripped off from their very last little money
, until they have not left anything.As recently shown on European
television with hidden camera there were entire Internet SCAM cafes in
Cotonou Benin Republic ,where people were occupied with illegal Internet
crime activities individually or even in groups in particular betraying
naive Europeans and Americans. They even had developed in their language
a wordily expression, a nickname for in their eyes to ridicule and
laugh about them when they again succeeded to betray and trick some one
out. Then they found themselves complete heroes. and were dancing and
laughing about their victims in the public streets enjoying their
"victory" Once the European or American targeted victim turned the
spearhead in opposite direction.

This notice is from the Cyber Crime Dept of West Africa,the people you
are dealing with and sending you all sort of emails are all impostors
operating from different part of Africa, they only want your money and
they are the same people but write you differently and that is why you
may have been receiving a lot of email daily and you are confused
because you don't know the truth, you find it very easy sending your
information to any emails claiming they have fund approved in your name
and you have not made true inquiry before you start dealing with them
and as a result your info is on the internet and that gives these
fraudsters easy access to flood your email box with scam emails,they are
not what and never who they claim and I don't know how long you have
been dealing with them or responding to them but you can not blame any
real Bank in West Africa or any personnel here, these impostors impose
them and scam thousands of foreigners but you end up blaming these real
offices in Africa or the personals only because you don't know it was
not really them but impostors.

We want to ask, have you been able to find out why you receive all kinds
of emails daily claiming it have funds for you here and there? Have you
really inquired from the right office in West Africa to know if there is
actually any true approved fund you have here? if there is any fund
awarded in your name at all? Or do you believe anybody that contacts you
and says they have fund for you? recent report from the West Police
revealed that 60% of internet scams is being carried out youths between
the age of 18-35yrs (big issue on unemployment rate in West Africa)
authorities are working hard to assist and protect people like you it
was also revealed that these fraudsters has partners working with them
all over the World, so it has a global network.so be careful even when
you are contacted from UK.USA and other parts of the World. it will take
you just listening and following our instructions to know the truth.

contact Dr Obi don on the below email and ask him if you have an
legitimate compensation funds approved by Government in Africa as a
result of scam and losses or not. he is the only only person in position
to tell you this:-

Dr Obi don
E-mail:(drobidon198@gmail.com )

President West Africa
Internaxional Relation Foreign Debt/Contracts/Compensation

NOTE: to avoid any unnecessary delays in attending to your matter,
please use your case file (ASG7154-00) when you contact Dr Obi don
Also you are advised to report any email you receive that claims to have
funds for you to this office.the only office you should contact and know
the truth if you have any true fund approved here or if you are among
the compensated beneficiaries is the Dr Obi don
Agent Raymond Binetti
Anti Fraud Department
West Africa

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