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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Attn: Beneficiary,

Compliment of the season to you and do sincerely hope you are fine. I honestly apologize and hope I do not cause you much embarrassment by contacting you again through this means for a transaction of this magnitude.This is to inform you again that the Foreign Exchange Transfer Department Central Bank of England (CBOE) has decided to bring to your attention, that you were listed as a beneficiary in the recent schedule for payment of outstanding debts incurred by the IMF and British Government Pending according to your previous file record with your information. This latter meant for the payment from our ordering customer Federal Government of Nigeria for the further Credit to your bank account. With all due respect Central Bank of England has obliged to credit your account with instruction quoting reference payment code which the Federal Government of Nigeria uses to encode their consolidated crude oil reserved account with us here in London and this is as per agreement existing between this bank, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Federal Government of Nigeria.
We wish to inform you that we received an instruction from Federal Government of Nigeria to credit the sum of $2.3million in your bank account. Meanwhile, the Central Bank of England financial and allied conduct, your account will be credited as soon as you reconcile the 0.2% handling charges or you may advise us to deduct the total value and transfer the balance to your bank account.
Should you be willing to accept deduction? Our bank is thereby urging you to further as a matter of urgency to call or contact the office of the assistant Director Federal Ministry Of Finance (FMF) Federal Republic of Nigeria Dr. Joseph Ali, please request him to obtain and sign your deduction clearance certificate which will be legally endorsed by you as the beneficiary to enable us have the legitimate right to deduct 0.2% as handling charges from your principle amount $2.3million.
Please be warned as our bank will not tolerate any s econd party involvement or Nigeria local representatives, you are advice as a matter of urgency to stop your communication with anyone about your payment from any part of the countries due to Fraud, terrorist and money Laundry activities going on in African Region or worldwide. Did you accept deduction? Please give pleasure to call this person below for your Deduction clearance certificate.

Name: Dr. Joseph Ali

You are therefore advised to forward your direct telephone numbers, your complete name and your mailing address to Dr. Joseph Ali for Immediate release of your Deduction Certificate and most importantly be aware that approved payment is $2.3million and was allocated to you. Immediately I receive your Deduction clearance certificate, then i will transfer your fund through Wire Transfer payment or easy payment and we handle this Transaction within 2-5 working days. Again, treat this matter as urgent because we are working 24Hours to be able to meet up with the mandate given to us by the World Bank. It is more better you make your contact directly to Dr. Joseph Ali through telephone for her to quickly obtain and sign your deduction clearance certificate for your claim. Prior to our banking regulations, final credit shall be made to your account upon receipt of your deduction clearance Certificate. We await your urgent reply.Thanks for your understanding.
Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Victoria Cleland
Senior international payment manager
Central Bank of England (CBOE)

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Subject: Did you accept deduction?
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