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If you are looking for a loan online, then scammers are waiting to take advantage of you.
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I write to you based on a request by an investor who needs to invest in your country also loan funding. My name is Blaise Johnson Willams, am a consultant on investment management. we represent the interests of very wealthy Politician/Investors. Due to the sensitivity of the position they hold in their Organization and the unstable investment environment of their countries, they prefer to channel/move majority of their funds into more stable economies and developing nations where they can get good yield for their money and its safety.
The reserved group of individuals, our firm is personally holding their assets instructed and approached us with a mandate to seek for a firm or an individual such as yourself who has the experience and capacity to receive their assets and re-invest it into a good and lucrative investment you will recommend.
Kindly let us know your acceptance to this offer. Also you should furnish us with full comprehensive draft of your terms and conditions. We also need to know about the area or idea of investment plans you are to propose. Once we are convinced on your capacity to handle these assets we will then provide you with all necessary information including the unmentioned amount involved.
Our client the funds owners is in need of a business partner with genuine business project/knowledge that required funds to implement projects within the above specified fields or any business line that maybe considered hence we can sign partnership agreement and make these funds available under joint partnership or in form of loan depends, I brought business partnership opportunity that the investor can investment between US$200 Million to $1 Billion so any amount you need that would carry out your project successfully will be approved to you via joint venture partnership investment or loan grant depend on what you want.
Blaise Johnson Willams
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