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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Hello My Good Friend,

I write to let you know the status of your funds, because it has been a while we hear from you and YOUR WINING compensation funds, still awaiting at Union Bank Plc., yesterday after federal executive meeting held in Aso Rock by federal house of senate stated, we agreed to commence your payment if you are ready to do the needful.

Don't Forget his compensation exercise is also extended to victims of Hurricane,Handicap,earthquake, War displaced and Aged, sicks, etc.. and You are among those that will benefit from it,which bank have been mandated to transfer the said funds to you, based on the funds transfer directives from United Nation Injunction with World Bank.

Now i have brought it to your notice and i will also want to know your interest over your $10.5million united state dollar! i will immediately need your respond and action as i’m going to submit your payment file now for payment to you but we need your full address maybe is change to avoid any wrong payment to you.

1.Your Full Name:
2.Your Country:
3.Your City:
4.Mobile Phone Number:
5.Fax & Home phone:
7.Your Home address
10.Nearest Airport:

it will please me to be at point of your help if you can only follow my directive instruction’s over this issue and peaceful receive your fund which has already approved by federal government, injunction with World Bank.

To be candid with you, I want you to understand clearly that as far as I am concerned you have nothing to risk regarding this transaction, I can not be here wasting my time with you if this is not true. I am too religious for that. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. I will equally take some step further to allay your fears that you have nothing to fear. I really have to say this to you, I am a born again Christian - which I believe you are - but I still have to assure you here that you are dealing with a responsible man; a man of high integrity . The Lord is my witness about what I am telling you. I can’t deceive you. My parents did not teach me to lie, even in the worst condition, we should continue to say the truth because it is only the truth that can set us free as it is written in John chapt 8.VS 32. It is bitter to hear but truth is life and light.

Thanks for your understanding as i will be looking forward to hear from you,

Yours Faithful.
Mr. Emeka Emuwa
Managing Director and
Chief Executive Officer

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