What to expect from FraudFighters

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What to expect from FraudFighters

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You can expect to get sound advice from any of our forum team (Admins, Mods and Fraud Fighters). We are all experienced in this field, but we are all volunteers, not acting in the role as law enforcement or government officials of any kind. Even if members have a law enforcement or legal background, they are not acting in those roles when they post here. Any information given should not be taken as a legal option, just factual statements. We cannot know everything about the scam you are involved in, If you want a definitive statement about your precise position, you should seek proper legal advice or go to your local police.

You can also expect us to be courteous when dealing with you and to deal with any unacceptable/inappropriate conduct on the site in an effective and timely manner.

If we fail to meet these standards, please let us know!