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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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duke.adams14@onet.pl - Duke Adams

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I am Mr Duke Adams and represent the interests of very wealthy personalities, who as a result of the political position they hold in their various societies and the unstable investment environment of their countries, would want to move majority of their funds into more stable economies and developed nations where they can get good yield for their money. This investor wants to invest the sum of US45M in any viable business.

What he requested is an individual such as you, who will be willing to receive monies on his behalf abroad, and put it to good use for a period not exceeding 8 to 10 years for a start. It is a straightforward business that will be concluded in no time. It is confidential and 100% risk-free for both parties.

Respond with your telephone number for more details.


Duke Adams

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