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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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This is to bring to your notice that because of the impossibility of
your fund transfer through the western union network, I am doing all I
can to make sure you receive your funds and I protected your funds for
almost 3 Years now but I assure you that you still have every
opportunity to claim your entire funds from the USA Embassy Office
Benin (A.S.E.B.R).this is new year and i pray that the lord almighty
will be with you and your family wjere ever you are in the name of our
lord jesus christ AMEN,

I am only trying to help you because of the way the payment was
handled in the past. Secondly and thirdly, I can not sit and watch you
loose your funds after confiding in me. As a matter of fact, there are
still decent and God fearing people here in the USA Embassy Office
Benin which I am a good example is only God knows. Since I came to
this office in the year 2014,to 2015 also this new year 1016, I have
helped so many foreign

Contractors/Beneficiaries from all paths of the world in claiming
their long over due fund from the BENIN Government.

If you don't want to conclude these matter before Tomorrow just inform
me today so that I can know what next to do because I can just be
hearing same story and you will be dealing with people and sending
information's to them and if you cant send the fee then know that your
fund will be canceled and all your effort so far will turn useless
because I did all I can for my government to protect your fund and
your personality but you won't listen, I can help you if you help

If you can be able to come up with $96.00 for the Documents today, I
will make sure you get your Box tomorrow morning, your Consignment is
ready to release to you as I write to you now due to my effort and I
don't know why you should be dealing with people outside my office,
just do your best and these transfer will be conducted. Finally

if this fund will be terminated and there is no way on earth you can
get this fund because the IMF will just have to cancel your name from
the payment file, its better you conclude these matter within the
given date today.

If I receive the fee , I assure you that you are going to confirm your
funds in your Country WITHIN 10HRS through our choosing Diplomatic
Agent. I shall try my possible best to make sure I conclude the due
legal process and will like you to Take my word because i am strong be
hide you and my effort to this does not end until you confirm the
availability of your fund in your hands.

Please do not allow any body to deceive you and I expect your response
and I don't want you to be tired of these, just take life easy and see
what the result will be by tomorrow, I will expect your response and
the fee sent by western union. Just get back to me today with the
details and I promise to release your fund to you, its

not easy and I believe you have tried as well, so make sure you
conclude these or your fund will be terminated by the High Authority
and that is all I can say for now.

Note that your consignment box has been arrived in usa embassy and
waiting to receive Anti-terroris/Drug and Money Laundrey Certificate
before the gate pass is given. Meanwhile

I am expecting the payment information as soon as you can so we can
proceed immediately. Note that you are expected to pay only $96.00
for Anti-terroris/Drug and Money Laundrey Certificate. and you are to
pay it to Cotonou Benin as the origination of the consignment box.
Send the $96.00 through Western Union once you receive this mail with
the information below for immediate release of your FUNDS,

AMOUNT: $96.00
SENDER NAME.................?

Yours In Service,
Assistant Secretary of AUST in Benin for African Affairsmr

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