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Who's who at FraudFighters

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Our Administrator team are me, "Dr Sheldon Cooper" and the enigmatic "Bernard Albrecht" who wanders in and switches it on and off when something goes wrong. Our names are in Red when we post or are online. If you have any queries about your account, legal/media requests or general questions about FraudFighters then you can contact us.

Our Moderator Team are responsible for the day to day running of the forum and are currently made up of Hans Neesantoes, JustDave and Crunch's Whistle. Their names appear in green when they post or are online. They can help you with question about posts and are also contactable if you have questions or information about possible scams and don't want to post.

The "Fraud Fighters", Legal Briefs, GonePhishing and MichaelMaus, are other members of our core team and who are experts in various areas of online fraud, scams and cyber-security. Their names will appear in Gold when they post or are online. The Fraud Fighters can provide support on various types of scam and also give advice if you or friends/family are being scammed

"Fighters' Friends" are trusted posters from the anti-scam community, who are not directly associated with the FraudFighters forum, but whose posts can be trusted as being reliable and trustworthy posters.

Posts and PMs (Private Messages) received by members outside of the above groups should be viewed with caution.