Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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From The Desk of The Federal Executive Council (F.E.C),
Republic of Nigeria (F.R.N),
Nigerian Presidential Complex, Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja
Our Ref: fec/nig/con/com/budg/017
Your Ref: fec/nig/ben/budg/cbn/017
Date: February 2nd, 2017.

To whom it may concern.

We are the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria (FEC), responsible for approving remittance of international contract, inheritance, compensation, lotto and bill payments from all government parastatals, banks, institutions and private financial bodies e.t.c.

Our attention has been drawn to a long pending and unclaimed contract/compensation approved payment valued US$5,200,000.00 only (Five Million Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), in your favor and which approval release order no reads: FGN/FMF/PAYG/CBN/IRD/ATM/17 and your claim reference no: FGN/FMF-CBN/PYT/IRD/ATM/17.

We contacted the government department where this payment was assigned to be released to you so as to know why the fund is still pending in the single account treasury of the federal government of Nigeria and yet to be paid to the beneficiary despite its release approval from the FEC. We were told that several emails, fax letters, phone calls and notifications were placed across to your contact details/designated address but there was no response from you or compliance to legal payment release process of your payment. The International remittance Department of the Nigeria Apex bank told us that about a week ago, one David Holly Jnr, contacted them from the UNITED STATES addressing himself as your only son/child and broke the news of your tragic death. By virtue, he is the HEIR to the deceased and rightful owner of your pending approved fund and without delay should be released to him to take care of your funeral bills and other accumulated debts incurred by the deceased before depart ing. They said he demande

After commiserating with him, he was told to provide the death certificate of the deceased and any document from the family attorney or consent approval from the entire family giving him the go ahead to receive the deceased fund as the bona-fide next of kin, which he did respectively.

Information supplied to us by the IRD shows that the account particulars he provided to receive the aforementioned fund reads a different beneficiary name and account which prompted us to stop immediate release of the fund until we conclude our investigation.

Not being satisfied with the information made available to us because we feel something is definitely not right some where, we decided on our own little way of investigation to contact you personally in order to hear your own side of the story if you are actually not DEAD and still alive.

Why have you not concluded with the INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT to receive your legitimately approved fund?
Do you feel you were or have been misled with wrong information and ripped off several times by this aforementioned government office?

Did you authorize DAVID HOLLY JNR as your heir-next of kin to deal with matters concerning this transaction and receive fund on your behalf or that of your family?
Did you fake your own death as a result of frustration?

What actually is the problem that made you disregard further claim of your approved pending fund?

We believe you have been badly treated and have a lot to tell the F.E.C concerning your ordeal and pending fund because NO beneficiary in his/her right sense would forgo his/her genuine fund except when something is wrong or claim process not properly but illegally applied and or except beneficiary is dead. Anything aside these facts remains unclear to us and we will appreciate a quick clarification message response from you as soon as you receive this disturbing notification which needs to be addressed urgently. If we don't get a reply of this message within three days, we will assume or conclude that the news of your death and report from the Payment Allocation Committee, of the INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT under the watch of the Federal Government Budget Commission, are true.

At that juncture, we will not hesitate to immediately terminate your transaction (payment) with us and have approved fund confiscated to avoid any future misappropriation of public fund.

We hope and pray that this email notification meets you in a good health condition as we await your prompt response in details to this message via this encrypted/secured email address within 48 hrs unfailingly: (fecnig.fecnig@minister.com).

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Federal Executive Council (F.E.C).
Republic Of Nigeria (F.R.N).

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