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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Attn: My Dear

We received an instruction memo and letter few days ago from the New York Police Department in America that your consignment box was freight by DHL diplomat Courier Company was stopped by the United States Joint Patrol Team in the Transport and Security Administration Department, the letter also made us to understand that your consignment box is due for urgent repatriation back to Africa yesterday, however as I write you now the consignment box has your particulars as evidence of proof of ownership, and it was returned back to Africa early hours of today, and was deposited to my station.

This notification letter report is based on the returned of your consignment box, and you are urgently advise to give urgent attention to this development, Well, I have also contacted DHL office headquarters to know why all these happened and I now understand the reason why the consignment box has been having problems on transit
while in an attempt to reach you, the problem is very simple, it was because all these while, you guys never employ a police constable to follow up the delivery with a Police certified Extract Clearance Report, well, there is one way to which this box right here could reach you without long stories again, and that way is first of all
getting a Police Extract of this your consignment box thereafter I will personally bring it to your house or as sign a Police Constable to escort the consignment box to your house.

As a member of the Federal Executive Council, I to travel to USA with President Patrice Talon of Benin to the Donald Trump Presidential Inauguration last week assuming your consignment box came to my office earlier than this; I would have come to the state along with it. Meanwhile, The cost of getting this consignment to your doorstep is nothing to be compared to what you had spent before, the only protocol to be observed is for you to get the Police Extract Clearance Report of the consignment box, and this clearance certificate shall cost you the sum of $50 USD and this is the only money you have to pay for the consignment to get to you, however If you can rally round and get just only $50 USD I will help you with all that processes therein, I will also help you get the Police Extract and transport the consignment a long side the entourage of the presidential convoy, though it will be stressful on me, but i can help you do it if you can send the sum $50 USD as early as possible today.

I will use the money to settle the pilot and some officials so that nobody will disturb the movement as we come to meet you in your house.

COUNTRY ::::: Benin Republic
city ::::::: Cotonou
AMOUNT::::: $50 USD

If truly you want us to bring this consignment to your doorstep then you have to find this money and send today to above given names so that I can obtain a Police Extract Clearance that will enhance a hitch-free delivery to your doorstep and the shipment shall be delivered on Sunday evening at your house, please also re-confirm your personal home address and ID for easy identification upon arrival, I shall also need to have your direct telephone number so that I can call and reach you right from the airport.

And also reconfirm the bellow information to me for the delivery

1. YOUR FULL NAME…………………………………
2. YOUR TELEPHONE…………………………………
3. FAX……………………………………………………
4. AGE……………………………………………………
5. SEX……………………………………………………
6. YOUR OCCUPATION………………………………
7. YOUR ADDRESS……………………………………
8. Your ID Card: …………………………………………

contact us back on the the bellow E-mail (

Thank you,
Yours Faithfully,
Inspector General of Police.

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Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 20:34:33 +0000 (UTC)

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Re: - Horst Dekeper

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Budget Office of the Federation (Federal Ministry of Finance)

Dear Approved Beneficiary

We write to inform you that, the presidency, economic and financial crimes commission, federal ministry of finance, foreign operations unit of central bank of Nigeria, Nigeria police force, special fraud investigation unit, US department of the treasury, U.S. National central bureau of Interpol, FBI, U.S. Secret service, us diplomatic mission in Nigeria, in alliance with united nations delegates have been working towards the eradication of Internet Fraud in western part of Africa.

Sequel to our comprehensive investigations, we have so far recovered so much money from these Cyber criminals which is over ($81,375,000.00) EIGHT ONE MILLION, THREE HUNDRED & SEVENTY FIVE THOUSAND US DOLLARS. The United Nation Anti-Corruption Commission and the (EFCC) Nigeria have ordered that, the money recovered from these Cyber fraudsters (SCAMMERS) must be shared among 1st batch of 53 Victims of this menace, whom we have their emails and contacts in our Database here in Nigeria,

This email is been directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artist's file and computer hard disk in our custody here in Nigeria therefore, qualified you for this UN Assisted compensation Program. We have approved to pay each of the victims we have their e-mail addresses the sum of US$1,535,000.00.

Because of re-consolidation of banks in Nigeria and liquidity crunch, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a SECURED Courier Service, who have received Government accreditation and approval to courier and to carry out complete disposal services for the most highly classified material in accordance with the highest possible security standards to ensure safe/immediate settlement of all approved compensation.

So given by the content of this crucial notice, it is clear that no Shipping Agency can deliver cash from one point to another without security scrutiny and customs check at the point of entry therefore; to by-pass this bottleneck, we have irrevocably arranged this fund to be safely delivered to you by visa debit card (ATM) under the auspices of a government certified Courier Express Mail Service, who is to deliver the package successfully to the point of destination without any delay.

Your visa debit card (ATM) number; 4539-7978-0214-3027 has been approved and upgraded in your favor this morning. Your secret pin number is 6742. You are advised that a maximum withdrawal value of $10,000 usd is permitted for withdrawal per day and we are duly inter-switched and you can make withdrawal in any location of the ATM center of your choice/nearest to you.

In line with the fiscal Regulatory policy, the only STATUTORY FEE you are required to pay is the compulsory Economic Recovery Levy/Payment Authorization Mandate (Judicial Endorsement/Registration) of $75.00 only.

Be aware that the courier delivery charges has been paid on your behalf by the government and shipment shall commence as soon as we hear from you, so you are advised to copy the below receiver's details to locate western union or money gram around you to send the $75 and you shall get your Card within 24hrs and no hidden fee.

Payment Information through Money Gram Only

Receive Name: DAVID JOE
Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos Nigeria
Text Question::When
Answer: NOW
Amount: $75 usd

Therefore get in touch with us with the payment right now if you are ready to receive the compensation fund. You are under obligation to follow the rules we handed down to the courier guiding this payment. Further e-mail correspondent/notification from the accredited courier agent to the beneficiaries serves as our official communication to you in this regard. You are hereby advised to send to us your correct information listed below for re-confirmation of your new contact address and phone number to avoid any misconduct in this exercise.


May God be with you Amen?
Kind regards,
Mr. Horst Dekeper (Secretary General).
Executive Chairman (EFCC)

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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 23:12:15 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Mr. Horst Dekeper" <>
Subject: Dear Approved Beneficiary

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Re: - David E. Weiss

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Global Funds Recovery Office.
Address: 14 Gbetekwme St, Lagos Nigeria .
Contact Person: Director In Charge: DAVID E. WEISS.

Attn, Your Personal Information's Where Banned.

Have you ever taken time to think why it is always stories after
stories, fees after fees, excuses after excuses whenever you where
directed to a certain Banks, Offices, Attorney, Companies in other to
receive a Fund you where told it belongs to you, and due to all these
disappointments and failures, you might have concluded there is no
legitimate transaction for you from all the emails you receive about
your Funds.

The secret about the delay and your hard time on completing your
transaction to your end is not mainly on the fact that those
transaction are fake or real, even though most of the transaction you
have dealt with are not legitimate and it always got you confused as
you don't know the hints/means of identifying the legitimate
transaction from the fake once, and it should be one of the things I
will explain to you, rather my purpose of writing this letter is to
reveal to you the secret behind your hard time on receiving all the
Funds you have expected which you might have send some fees for that.

The secret behind your hard time on receiving most of your Funds was
because: All your personal information's (Bank Account information and
Home address) which you have been sending online to most of the emails
demanding for it with purpose of using it to release your Fund, It was
discovered that most of those people you normally sends your personal
informs to are not really who they claimed to be, rather they are the
Internet Fraudsters/Internet Scammers.

These Internet Fraudsters/Internet Scammers was confirmed to have
attempted on using your Bank Account information and your Home Address
to carry-out ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION which was noticed and stopped by
your State Government, and during further investigation towards the
ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION, it was confirmed that your Bank Account and
home address was attached to the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION, therefore
your Bank Account and Home Address was listed and labeled by your
state Government as a FRAUD-ACCOUNT and likewise to your home address
was also labeled as a FRAUD-ADDRESS.

Your State Government did labeled your Bank Account and Home Address
as a FRAUD-INFORMATION, and they have been waiting for your complain
in regards to that just to prove your self right from the ONLINE-FRAUD
TRANSACTION and due to your silent towards the issue of you as a
Suspect on ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION which was made using your whole
personal information, your Bank Account was banned from receiving any
International transaction and your home address banned from receiving
any international delivery from any company or diplomat.

I know you might have tried to receive some Funds through Bank to Bank
transfer and it always fails you, therefore the reason for that is
just because your Bank Account was banned from such transfer as a
result of what I explained above, and likewise to your home address as
am sure you might have expected to receive so many delivery to your
home address which always fails to get to your home address just
because your home address was also banned, most of those people
sending the delivery to you will always ask you to send fees for some
endless clearance but that is not the solution, Even when you where
allowed to receive an ATM Card, your State Government will also block
the withdrawal access of the ATM Card and you will always find it
difficult to withdraw a reasonable amount from the Card, They will
always demand fees in regards to all these issue but that is never a
solution to that.

NOTE: If you continue sending fees from now till world end, you will
never confirm any Fund at your end just because of the above explained
reasons, and solution to that is just to contact your state Government
and make a written note to them explaining that you are not aware of
the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION that was made using your personal
information, and that is only when your Bank Account and Home Address
could be removed from the WORLD FRAUD LIST so as to enable you start
confirming your real Funds to your end.

This Office are the only Office who are in the position to give you
the contact information to contact the right OFFICE where you will
make the written note and explain your unaware and innocent towards
the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION that was made using your personal

NOTE: In other to remove your personal information's, Bank Account and
home address from the World Fraud List, you need to obtain a LETTER OF
APPEAL from the Federal High Court and sent to your State Government,
and this Letter Of Appeal will contain all the necessary written
explanation to plead to your State Government that you where innocent
of the ONLINE-FRAUD TRANSACTION that was carried out using your
personally information's by the unknown people, while the Letter of
appeal will cost you only $150, And after that, your state Government
will direct you to the legitimate Office where you will receive your
only approved Compensation sum of $5.5 Million being the only approved
Fund in your name, therefore stay away from all your previous
transaction till father notice.

If you have be block to send through Western Union or Ria, Just use
the $150 and Buy Itunes Card and SCRATCH it and send us Picture, Then
we can get the $150 eith the Itunes Card $150. ok buy the itunes of
$100 and one of $50


AMOUNT: $150.00

Finally, the Content of this email should never be disclose to any
third party, it is meant for you all alone and no other person, not
even those people you have been dealing with in regards to receiving a
Fund from them, therefore keep this secret till further notice, Also
reconfirm your names, home address and phone number needed for the
making of the written note as explained above.

Thanks for your understanding and I will be expecting to hear from you.

DIR. GLOBAL FUNDS RECOVERY OFFICEe expecting to hear from you.

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From: From General Office <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2020 05:11:39 -0700
Subject: Attn, Your Personal Information's Where Banned.
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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Re: - Chad Wolf

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I’m Chad Wolf, The new secretary of U.S. Department of Homeland
security appointed by President Donald Trump. Office Address: 3801
Nebraska Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, United States. I received a
report that you have an unclaimed/abandoned fund of (US$11.5 Million
usd) in the West Africa.

I want to bring to your notice that i have instructed ECOWAS and the
concerned authorities to bring the consignment box containing your
total fund to our Head office in Washington DC which arrived since
last week to NYC.

I want you to kindly Reconfirm
(1)Your Full Name;
(2)Home Address
(3)Your Telephone Number
(4)Your Nearest Airport

So that arrangement can be made for the delivery of the consignment
box I look forward to hearing from you.

Text messages Chad Wolf Secretary of The U.S. Department of Homeland security.
Washington DC.

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From: "Mr. Chad Wolf" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2020 04:41:14 -0700
Subject: Attn
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

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