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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Dear Sir/Madam,

This message is from the Department of Blacklist Removal office, USA, why we decided to communicate with you today is because we have discovered that you are pursuing too many transactions through internet in which all are failing you after wasting too much money in pursuing them.

Some of these transactions are FAKE and Some are REAL but the reason you have not received any fund is because your name is in US BLACKLIST which makes it impossible for you to send money out and also receive your inheritance funds out of the country or within, so it is better you stop wasting your money in the name of receiving your inheritance funds until your name is removed from the BLACKLIST and placed into the US WHITELIST, blacklist is a list of people or groups regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy and often marked down for exclusion or blocked from receiving huge amount of funds outside the country or within the country.

So if you want to remove your name from the US BLACKLIST and place it on US white-list then contact this office or you keep having problems receiving your funds after sending so much money to them.

The requirement for removing you from the Blacklist are as follow

1) Your Full Name;-
2) Home / Office Address;-
3) Country and City;-
4) Cell Phone;-
5) Profession/Occupation and Age;-
6) Personal ID Copy;-

Above all, you are obliged to pay the sum of $210, for the insurance of removing your name from the blacklist but please do not contact us if you know that you cannot pay this fee but if you are willing to remove your name from the blacklist then get back to us to have the payment information to send the $210,and after that we shall transfer your total fund $3,750,000.00, into your Bank account or any many by which you want to receive your fund.


Yours faithfully ,
Prof. Welbeck James
United Nations Committee on Financial and Allied Matters
Email: welbeckjam@yandex.com
(781) 342-0158

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