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Been offered a lease on a SBLC or a BG? It's almost certainly a scam.
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dtdyer90210@gmail.com - Todd Dyer

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Bank Instrument Scam from LinkedIn
Todd D.
Managing Director & COO


My name is Todd Dyer, I am direct to several genuine providers of BG, SBLC, MTN I have a series of providers who can issue BG,SBLC and other Financial Instruments to your clients. Most recently one of our providers issued banking instruments for a couple of our clients the provider is 100% Genuine and you can donduct your due diligence on them to confirm their authenticity. If you have any serious buyers then i will be glad to connect you with the provider.

Our instruments are only from AAA rated banks and we issue from $5M and above. The provider is 100% verifiable.They are ready to issue immediately once terms are agreed.
Kindly Contact Me With The Details Below.
Todd Dyer
If you are reading this post because you have been contacted by this individual then you are100% being scammed - all my posts are thoroughly researched before being posted.

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