Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Dear Sir:

In pursuance of your outstanding financial transaction, I have been
consulting with variously concerned stake holders in the financial
institution with the view to finding a more suitable optional
preposition to deal with your outstanding matter. This consultation is
geared towards finding solution that will be devoid of any further
upfront payment liability while enthroning due process that will not
be seen to be contravening the relevant provisions of the law on money
laundering. With this procedural option, successful outcome will be
guaranteed having conducted adequate due diligence in collaboration
with the concerned bank here.

In the mean time, the bank here is considering recalling the fund in
focus from current source due to how the fund was handled in transit
including variously in fractional involvements in contravention of due
process. The recallment of the seemingly stalled fund is predicated on
the findings upon conduction of thorough examination of records in
respect of the fund and for ascertainment of the genuineness of your
transfer claims and also in determining whether or not the procedures
of the transfer of the fund in focus was carried out in conformity
with the existing regulations, based on international standard. The
following infractions were therefore discovered;

1.The transfer procedures seemed to have followed an unusual
transaction pattern culminating to most of verified fallacies with
unattainable bogus promises that was not realizable and totally
impossible to be accepted in any part of the world. Unfortunately it
was discovered that various blackmailing tendencies were enthroned for
purposes of extorting monies from you under false pretenses. These
infractions invariably contributed to making it impossible for you to
receive your fund as scheduled.

2.There was a large scale documentary pilferage, procedural
diversions, documentary subversion, procedural distortions through
fraudulent manipulations all designed to divert your attention thereby
thwarting your various quests (financially and otherwise) to realize
the long overdue financial transaction. These attitudinal tendencies
were meant to satisfy selfish interests and self aggrandizement for
purposes of diverting the fund in focus to other vested third parties.

To these extents, the concerned bank here has arrived on definite
procedural details that will be devoid of these infractions by
electing to recall the fund from transmittal while depositing same as
bond with an affiliate investment bank in U.S for onward transfer to
your account as an investment fund without further liens and

The bank here will start the process upon your reconfirmation by
depositing the fund in the investment account of the U.S investment
bank in your favor and confirmation to the effect will be provided for
your verification prior to the commencement of the whole transfer
processes. Be rest assured that the bank is ready, able and willing to
do the needful in these respect as soon as you reconfirm your further
interest in dealing with this long overdue financial transaction. Your
urgent attention to this matter will be highly appreciated and we do
apologize for the inconveniences all these may have caused you.

I will be waiting for your response to enable us further the
corresponding details regarding the step by step procedures including
timeous +1 (313) 286 8696

Best Regards

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