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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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cbbplc1@gmail.com - Timothy J. Sloan

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Attention Customer.

In respect of your fund inheritance payment $33 Billion US Dollars, we the bank authorities US Bank of Chicago IL, head office will send you a new ATM VISA CARD that will accumulate your total funds of $33 Billion USD according to the instruction from our creditor department here in the bank today. After the board of directors meeting held on 20th FEB 2019 the total payment was approved for payment to you in new ATM VISA CARD which you must use to make withdraw of your fund in any ATM slotting machine around the world with maximum amount of $25,000 USD in daily payment until you cash the total payment of $33 Billion USD credited in your ATM account.

Meanwhile, you have to send the required fee of $65.00 USD request for obtain the Affidavit of claim Ownership in your transaction with government of your fund origin been Federal Justice Republic BENIN,the US Monitory Fund Investigation Union head office in Washington DC capital United State of America will declare your payment free from any money laundry and terrorism drug money sponsor activities to enable our service have the authority of release the payment to you and register it with US MAILING POST for over-night delivery to your address without delay.

And here is information to send the fee to them because all modality has already been worked out even before you were contact and noted; also all we request from you is to follow our instruction so we can deliver your ATM parcel to your address today. Send the $65.00 USD only through WESTERN UNION OR RIA TRANSFER SERVICE AND ITUNES CARD as list following to enable them release the document today.

Text Question:::::When
Test Answer Today
Amount:........ $65 USD Only

Furthermore, Reconfirm the following information

Full Name......
Current delivery address....
Mobile phone number...
Direct phone number....

Send us the MTCN Control Numbers or money gram reference number once you make the payment so we can direct it to the right office imposition to release the document. And immediately you make the payment to them the document will sign and your ATM parcel will deliver to your address without delay.

Yours in service.
Mr Timothy J. Sloan

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The United Nations {UN} gives you extra Two working days to receive
your fund from United Bank Of Africa or you will lose the opportunity
for ever. So we are here reminding you once again to avoid the
cancellation of your fund, follow the instruction immediately for your
own good and future.

Note: Mr. Eric Frank Rosser have visited my office with a Change of
Ownership Documents Mr. Eric Frank Rosser has stated to me that due to
your lack of understanding and negative thought makes you not to
achieve your dream to success in life with access of this
US$17.5Million and his brother to my office proofing that your
negative thought make you take decision to allow him to claim the fund
since you don,t want to send the $50

You are hereby advice to forward a declaration letter to my office
immediately Today stating that you are no more interested in making
this claim of your US$17.5Million which Transfer Account Login
password is ready to forward to you as soon as you do your possibility
to send the required fee as directed below without any mistake .

Mr. Eric Frank Rosser will claim the funds on your behalf and Mr. Eric
Frank Rosser has proof that you have decided to delay this official
transfer of this funds US$17.5Million into your nominated bank account
without any inspection and also not to send the Fee because of your
negative thought.

Did you sign any Deed of Assignment in favor of (ERIC FRANKLIN
ROSSER). thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following
account details: MR. ERIC F. ROSSER, AC/NUMBER: 6503809428.
ROUTING/122006743, we shall proceed to issue all payment details to
the said Mr. Eric F. Rosser, if we do not hear from you within the
next two working days from today. However, you are advised to email me
immediately and confirm to me also if Mr. Eric F. Rosser. is from you
or not.

Finally, I will not be hold responsible if you allow Mr. Eric Franklin
Rosser to claim your fund because of your delay and negative thought
to secure your fund which is ready to be in your possession as soon as
you update me with payment information as directed below now without
any explanation or delay from your side because I will not accept any
delay from you.

The above money should be sent via (YOU CAN SEND IT $50 BY STEAM WALLET CARD
OR GOOGLE PLAY GIFT CARD ) within 48 Hrs in favor of the smooth
confirmation of the funds into your Account..

I will be forwarding to you with your account logging details to
enable you access your funds online and proceed on transfer to your
designated bank account in any part of the world without any further
delay as soon as you update me a copy of your guarantee payment slip
of the required Fee to take note.

Please get back to me as soon as you send the $50 so that your Account
Login Password will forward to you immediately UN gives you only
2working days to receive your fund from our bank or no more. So
contact us with the payment now.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your banking needs.

Yours sincerely,

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