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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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My name is Amina Hamza age 19 years, daughter to late Usman Hamza a Gold and Diamond merchant from Syria, currently residing in a refugee camp here in Turkey. I am contacting you in respect of my late father's deposit of 100 kilograms of Gold and the sum of $10 million that he deposited with a
security company in United States of America.
The deposit was made by my father before his death 2012
during the war,according to the initial agreement made between my father and the security company,
claims of the deposit could only be made by my mother and me as the next of kin but unfortunately my mother died along side with my father and my kid brother, I manage to escape to Turkey but considering my age then I could not do anything. Though I have contacted the security company for
the claims of the deposit as the next of kin to my father but I am unable to do so because since after the death of my father I have not been able to pay for the
demmurrage and other charges and until that is done,I will not be able to lay claims more so I stand losing everything if I do not act fast because of the new laws brought by the new President of America,as regard,I need someone trustworthy to contact the Security Company as my Trustee,who will help me
claim the deposit .
Be further informed that forty percent (40%) of the total value of the deposit will be yours and
another ten percent (10%) will be set aside for whatever expenses made in the course of this transaction. Please contact me through my personal email for detail(
May the good Lord richly bless you.

Yours sincerely

Amina Hamza

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