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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Skye Bank Plc
68, Marina, Lagos.
Tell:+234 905 933 9958

Hello My Dear,

This is Joseph Odili of Skye Bank Plc, I am now at the Telex & ATM
Department,Marina Lagos. Your Silent and Reluctance over the release
of your fund gets me confused and make me wonder if you are still
alive or preferred to lose such a financial opportunity which many
other people are praying for??? I am sure you needed such opportunity
to regain your financial freedom to care for your family and loved
ones and even show love to the less privileged.

I must inform you of my personal observation as regards to your
Contract Part-Payment/Inheritance Fund value of $5,000,000.00. This
fund was approved and should have been released to you before today if
not for the selfish interest of my boss and other greedy Bank and
Government officials, I understood you failed in all your effort to
receive your total fund and the reason for your failure is what I must
get corrected immediately if you can strictly adhere to my directives
here, you were not directed rightly at the right time, neither was the
numerous charges reduced to enable you receive your fund, But I can
assure you a successful completion of this payment Via (ACH) Bank Wire
Transfer if you are going to work confidentially with me to get this
matter done in your favor.

I am here to put the privilege of my position at work to
confidentially and skillfully transfer the long approved Five Million
United States Dollars only, ($5.000, 000.00.) into your bank account,
but we must be very confidential on this deal until your fund hits
your bank account because my superior and other officials do not want
the release of this fund to you and that was why they didn’t inform
you when this fund was approved to be released to you.

Following my plans of releasing this fund to you, I will move ahead to
make this happen once you agree to guard my reputation by way of
keeping absolute confidentiality of this deal and its details until we
are done successfully.

There will be no INTERFERENCE from the Government or any Financial Law
Authorities, none of the above will have the right to intervene on
this process following my perfect plans to do this deal. Contact me on
my direct phone as follows:

Joseph Odili
Direct Tell:+234 905 933 9958

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From: Joseph Odili <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 06:41:49 -0800
Subject: Hello My Dear
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