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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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I wish to bring to your notice that PARIS Club in alliance with World Bank held series of meetings with African Heads of States at Addis Abbaba late December 2018 in order to offset the debts which African countries owed to Europeans, Americans, Asians and Australia citizens and the accord reached was that single paper should be issued to each certified contractor or beneficiary of any fund whose fund remains unpaid to enhance immediate and unconditional remittance of such funds to the beneficiary hence this contact to your-good-self as it was ascertained that your fund is among the unpaid funds basically for no concrete reasons which the African countries were blamed for inappropriate handling of the payment procedures which contradicted UN Charter 1141 Section 5b which empowers any contractor or beneficiary the right to claim his/her fund without prejudice.

Consequently, Your fund which is still on hold was among those to be paid out of the $2.5B loan which the PARIS Club gave to African Countries purposely to offset these debts and improve African economies. It might interest you to know also that the paper which authorizes due release of your fund is to be issued by the US Justice Department which was designated by the UN Charter 1142 Section 3a authentically for actualization of this accord. Therefore, for you to be paid, you need to contact the US Justice Department on an official Email to be given to you upon response for swift processing of the said fund in your name and due remittance of such also by the designated bank which name will be made known to you upon response also.

As you may know, this was in complete adherence to the demand of the World leaders that African countries pay their citizens any unpaid debt held in African banks or elsewhere therefore it behooves you to comply and be paid as we wish you all the best as you move towards ending your predicaments of not being paid for long by the African countries.


Mrs. Mary John

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