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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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From the Management of:
Scotia Bank,
80 Haymarket London SW1Y 4TE
London UK


This is to notify you about this said fund.

After due vetting and evaluation of your file that was sent to us by the
WOrld Bank in conjunction with the Ministry of Foreign Affair and
Central Bank of England.

This bank has an instruction to see to the immediate release of the sum of
US$17,000,000.00(Seventeen Million United States Dollars Only). of your
Inheritance fund claim that has been holding since is transferred into
your bank Account from their Domiciliary Account with this Bank.

We were meant to understand from our findings that you have been going
through hard ways by passing through difficulties to see to the release of
your Seventeen Million United States Dollars Only($17,000,000.00), which
has been the handwork of some miscreant elements from that Country.

The only thing required from you is to obtain NON-RESIDENT CLEARANCE
CERTIFICATE, which we are not asking you to pay the fee to us here in
UNITED KINGDOM as the Government in conjunction with Ministry of Foreign
Affair has paid us for handling/processing of your Payment with other
customers. We will help you to see that you obtain the mandatory
Non-Resident Clearance Certificate so that our bank will effect the
Immediate transfer of your Inheritance Fund Of ($17 000, 000.00) into your
designated bank account.

We advice that you stop further communication with any correspondence from
anywhere concerning your funds, because you don't have to pass through any
difficult to receive your fund, as you have meet up with the whole

We know that your representatives in Nigeria or anywhere will advice you
to still go ahead with them, which will be at your own risk.

Your Seventeen Million United States Dollars Only($17,000,000.00) will
reflect into your designated Bank Account within three (3) Bank working
days from the day you obtain this Non-Resident Clearance Certificate.
We also advice you not to go through anybody again but only through this
Bank if you really want your fund.

Your Full Name:...........
Your Contact Address:.........
Private Telephone:..............

Once again, you are advice to direct your respond to our Fund Remittance
Dept. with the above email address.

Your immediate response is highly needed to enable us commence for the

Congratulation to your inheritance fund.

Sorry if you receive this letter in your spam,Due to recent connection
error here in England

Thanks and God bless you.
Yours sincerely,

Dr.Arlester Ricks.
Head Private Banking Section
Scotia Bank London UK



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