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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Dear Beneficiary,

I am confused about. Who is Kenneth F. Jeffreys, your brother. Address: 13742 Judy Anne Lane, Santa Ana, CA 92705. He just emailed me your power of attorney stating that your total entitlement shall be wired to his account as your next of kin. He made it clear to me that you are dead and have left all your Title on his care as your next of kin. He told me that this funds will help him take care of your children.

Why.Why did this happened without my knowledge. I wish you were alive..He gave me his bank account in California and new York to split this funds to him. He will pay any fee involved. I was surprised why you could not send the charge for the ATM card worth $3.5m to deliver to you. It is not possible for me to release your Corinthians fund to Kenneth without hearing from you.. I am crying after we have suffered for this to get this ATM card deliver,,,loose it at the last minute...God forbid.

Please, call me or email back if you are alive...Urgent before it is late,

Name: Mrs Ojinza Chimam
Telephone number +229 91317836

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