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order@chinahacker.hk - Engineer Lee from China Union

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Random symbols to avoid filter (Please ignore): Date: 2019 - 2 - 22 Time: 22:19:36 | YyFGEkaDFi

Dear owner of E-mail <[Redacted]>:

We provide 2019 fresh Email lists / Leads of any country or any business fields, such as trading, real estate, stock, banking etc.

Testing/Samples: We can offer 10,000 free samples with one SMTP/Webmail to prove they are 2019 fresh and working well.
Please you have to add us on WhatsApp or Wechat for the free samples.

Free SMTP/Webmail: We will create one new Webmail/SMTP from our server to enable you send out all the leads you bought from us.
You just need to provide a username after purchasing our leads without paying anything. It can send 200,000 daily and last at least 15 days.

PS: We also can blast /push out for you with our company SMTP Server if you provide your format (not free).

If you want to chat or make video call with us, we only accept:

<1>. WhatsApp / IMO: +86 18764611688
<2>. Facebook Homepage: www.facebook.com/china.hacker.union
<3>. Wechat: chinahackerunion
<4>. Skype ID: hacker3385

Yours sincerely

Engineer Lee from China Union.
URL: www.ChinaHacker.com
TEL/WhatsApp: +86 18764611688
Random symbols to avoid Anti-Spam filter (Please ignore):

2019222 221936



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From: [Redacted] <chinahackers@smtp.sale>
To: [Redacted]
Date: 22 Feb 2019 22:19:36 +0800
Subject: 2019 leads, 10,000 samples with SMTP/Webmail ---To: [Redacted] Whatsapp: +86 18764611688 >

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