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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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From the desk
Auditor General
Bank of Ghana Plc.

Attention [Redacted],

I am Hon. Dr. Desmond Yaw Domelevo, the new appointed Auditor General Bank of Ghana Plc. This letter and communication must be a top secret and confidential between you and me.

I am writing this mail because of your funds which I discover during Our audit . I discovered that you have deposited some Millions of United States Dollars in Our Bank here and these funds has been here for some years. Again, I noticed that you have made some several attempt to transfer these funds but you were not successful and I also noticed that a lot of documents are backing these funds during when you attempted to transfer your funds and many of these documents are fake which is what that is holding the transfer.

Now, as the new auditor general I want to assist you to transfer your funds immediately into your designated bank account. But before I commence on this I will tell you the reason why your transfer was unsuccessful before. Your funds transfer was unsuccessful because most of the documents backing the transfer was fake and absolutely fake. They were obtained/procured from wrong offices or wrong agents/attorney who are not genuine bank accredited attorneys/agents thereby making him/her to obtain/procure documents from unapproved offices by Ghana government or United Nation.

I am here to assist you with some strict conditions which you must obey/follow for us to achieve success.

1; You must keep this communication very confidential.
2; you will promise me how much/how many percent will be my reward as soon as these funds hit your designated bank account and you will put this in writing as promissory note.
3; You will personally come to Ghana here to sign all necessary documents to enable these funds move out without any delay or protocols by any organization.
4; I don't need any upfront from you but only that you will bear the cost of bribing our security men who will grant us access to our bank KTT Room to enable us pick your account original disc plate to enable me reprogram the transfer of your funds.

Note, I have a team comprising of my lawyer, my secretary and my bank clerical officer who will work with me to carry on this transfer of your funds without any protocol and whatever you promise to reward me with, they will also get their own share out of it.

What I need from you is a promissory note to tell me what will be my reward as soon as your funds is transfer into your designated bank account but I am demanding 20% of the total amount as my reward.

The reason I told you that you should keep this communication very confidential is because none of our bank board of directors is aware of this because they will not be happy with me since their plans were to frustrate you so that your funds will not be transferred to you and after some years they will transfer it into their own foreign account and share it among themselves and if they become aware of my plan that will jeopardize the success of this transaction and I will lose my job/appointment because they will plot evil against me. After the transfer of your funds they will not trace how it happen that is why I am working with the clerical officer because he will destroy everything that will make the board of directors trace this transaction because even your account disc plate here will be destroyed after the transfer.

I am looking forward for your promissory note about what will be my reward and you are free to call on my cell phone. Here is my phone number ( 00233505297865).

Hon. Dr. Desmond Y. Domelevo
N/B, forward your phone numbers to me also.

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From: Intergove Audgbog <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 11:44:26 +0000
Subject: From BOG
To: [Redacted]

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