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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Hello My Name is Dr Lawrence Glenn Ruebush From Honolulu Hawaii, The New Elected Secretary of US Department Of Property Recovery commission,

According To Mr Trump Administration This Department is Designed and established in This First Week Of 2019, our job is to help all American citizen’s and other Cooperatives Allies Countries Citizen’s From Europe Asia, and Oceanic. To Recover Their Lost Property and get Their Scam Victim’s Compensation’s according to the Instruction’s of The Secretary Mike Mike Pompeo and Mr Mike Pence,The Vice President, Advised us to List out the Name of the Victims and start the Compensation Process of Their Funds According,

Secondly I want to update You that we have succeeded with our plans of bring your compensation Fund of scam victim’s which you failed to claim since because of some corrupt African Official in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin who only try to rip off our citizen’s and other Innocent Countries as well. with out doing any thing concern the transfer.

But After Our Trips to African Countries, Me Pence The Vice President and Mike Pompeo ,The State Secretary, We Made the sure that we secured Your Fund Back to The State with us and Your Fund is Currently with Our Cooperate Bank In the State, which is Bank Of America (BOA) here in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States where their Bank Headquarters: Located in the State and all You are Required to do so that you can be able to Recover/claim your Compensation of total $5.800.000 Million dollars In to your Bank Account Via Wire Transfer or via Bank Of America (BOA) Visa Card or BANK Draft. With no upfront Fee Until you Receive Your Fund. Because we did this with state Government Assistance.

According to The List we have here 16 People has received their Compensation across the State and globe, and you are the NEXT ON THE LIST WHICH IS THE NUMBER #17,

To complete this transfer process you can view your payment online by clicking the link below and Login with your Correct email account and Your Correct password where you receive this email so that you can be able to view the payment system and complete it with your choice.

But Note That if are unable to commence and complete the Transfer Via Online, Then you will be Required to contact our Agent, which will cost you Little Fee For the Assistance, So we Encourage you to Try it online and follow our Instructions,

Click here Click Here to view your payment Online
Thanks and regard To Your Family.
From Dr Lawrence Glenn Ruebush

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Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2019 12:37:15 +0000 (UTC)
From: Bank Of America <gourmetjane@aol.com>
Subject: Welcome To US Depart Of ( PRC) Your Fund is with Bank Of America Now

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