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Dear Friend,

Investments In Viable Projects

I am contacting you with a keen interest to consider a possible
collaboration through investments in viable projects in your country.
As a way of introduction, I am an accredited agent to a
finance/investment firm in the United Kingdom solely responsible for
investing through a diversified investment strategy, targeting
positive capital returns through a global expansive portfolio.
Although the finance/investment firm's initial interest has been
investing in United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) economy, but they have
decided to extend and expand their investment outside the region hence
their interest to seeking possible collaboration with firms and
organizations globally.

Their plan is to focus more on United States, Canadian and European
markets, as well as emerging markets in Asia and Middle East in areas
of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, construction, Real estates,
trading etc.. They are ready to invest in project developments and
business ventures that can generate at least 10% ROI per annum. Their
offer for investment is based on a
purely Loan/Debt Financing basis of 3% interest rate per annum
throughout the duration of the collaboration.

They will be glad to partner with you in any viable project initiative
within our scope of funding.

If interested please get back to me on (,
to enable me refer you to the Director of the finance/investment

firm for possible business cooperation.

Kind regards,

Rev. Paul George

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