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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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700 19th Street, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20431
Ref Swift: IMFDUS3W2013

Attn Dear Approved Beneficiary


Thanks for giving us time to investigate the reasons behind the delay in releasing your overdue funds (US$10.500,000)
It is important for you to note that while IMF serving almost all the countries of the world, we are obligated to comply with both Domestic and International Financial Laws, which requires us to verify your identity prior to sending or receiving wire transfer to or for nations. Please understand that this procedure is crucial for preventing GLOBAL TERRORIST FINANCING, MONEY LAUNDRY and organized INTERNET SCAM/FRAUD throughout the world.However, it was reviewed in the Joint Annual Meetings of the IMF Boards of Governors, the World Bank and other key International Financial Intelligence Agencies held in AFRICA, where reports of abandon funds from America, Asia, Europe (especially UK) and other continents based on regular assessment of global Pending Foreign Payments, review your name and contact address that your contract/inheritance fund US$10.500,000 which was seized and confiscated on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 by the Global Illicit Financial Team being tagged suspicious fund transfer is a legal fund, free from any illegal business and civil, criminal, or financial crime.

Furthermore, it has showed that you have fully complied with the International statutory provision for payment of Huge Funds under Article 102, section 36, SS 1a-2b of the 2012 International Financial and Allied Matters Act.Prior to this effect, an irrevocable fund transfer authorization letter was issued to the Benin Republic Government for the immediate release of your overdue funds (US$10.500,000). However, Mr. Francis Usaze, the Director, Benin Republic, Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), led the NFIU delegation to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony, facilitated by the United Nations Office as well as IMF Boards of Governors where your US$10.500,000 was APPROVED with additional COMPENSATION of US$500,000 being for all damages caused by their delay. Currently your funds (US$11,000,000.00) is available for withdrawal via Automated Teller Machine (ATM), generated through globally Automated Biometrics Identification System (ABIS). As soon as you receive the ATM CARD, you can access and conveniently withdraw your fund in your country without any structural obstacles, hindrance or disruption from any international law bodies.
we have programmed this payment through ATM MasterCard in your favor, bear in mind that the original copy of your ATM Card will be delivered to your address through our courier service. We will also issue you a Four Digit Pin Number for you to access and withdraw money from your account once the card is delivered to you. You can only withdraw a maximum of $20,000 in a day at any ATM Machine close to you.

To this effect, you are advised to send us your full name, address, your cell phone number and a copy of your driver's license for identification. As soon as we receive these information from you, we shall conclude delivery arrangement with our courier service to enable them dispatch the package to your address within 24 hours without anymore delay. The shipping fee of the card to your destination is the only money you are expected to pay. A total of $200.00

NOTE: If you received this message in your SPAM/BULK folder, it is because of the restrictions imposed by your Mail/Internet Service Provider, we urge you to treat it genuinely for the delivering of your funds (US$ via enhanced ATM Master Card with other documents.Please remember to reconfirm your receiving address along with the payment details so that we can move on with the delivery immediately without wasting time.

Note: the delivery and insurance Fees could not be deducted from the fund in the ATM CARD as we have no access to the fund due to the Fact that it was placed in an escrow account Please submit your the delivery cost and insurance charges with the name of our accounting officer as given to you and get back to this office with details of your payment for further actions here

This is the second and last email that we be sending you about this matter, any further hesitation or procrastination in following up as advised herewith might hider the delivering of your fund US$11.000,000.00 to your designated with 48-hrs.


Mitsuhiro Furusawa
Address: 700 19th St NW,
Washington, DC 20431, USA

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