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Good Day Friend,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Mr Andrew Cardwell, i saw your profile on LinkedIn, so i decided to contact you.I'm from England, United Kingdom. I'm working as a marketing consultant/supplier with some animal Farm Companies here in England. I'm specifically into buying and supplying of Vaccines and Immunology products. I normally travel to Malaysia where I purchase this product and supply to our company here in UK.

This product is a Vaccine medicine used for treating animals, such as Horses, Cattle, Cows, Dogs and etc. There has been a high level of demand in our company for the product. The board of directors normally send me to Malaysia to purchase the Vaccine. The medicine is very cheap in Asia especially Malaysia compared to U.S and Europe, in U.S. and Europe, per carton of the product cost $5,000 to $6,500 while in
Malaysia I only buy it for $2600. (all prices are quoted in US Dollars).
I am suppose to go to Malaysia again this month, but due to my health condition I can't make it. I'm presently hospitalized due to a car accident. Now the board of Directors has appointed a new staff as the purchasing manager to go over to Malaysia and purchase the product.They have asked me to give them the contacts of the seller, but I don't want to disclose to our company the direct contacts of the
seller, because I don't want them to find out the real cost of the product. I normally purchase the products from the Malaysian seller at the rate of $2600 per carton, while I supply to our company at the rate of $4200 per carton.

I'm contacting you because I am looking for a dependable individual that I can trust, someone who will be willing and honest enough to carry out this transaction with diligence to the best of his/her ability while i introduce the person to my company as the seller of the product.
Our company normally place order from a minimum of 50 cartons to a maximum of 500 cartons in every purchase. and it's every one or two months supply depending on the demand here in UK.

Please If this business proposition offends your moral and ethic values, do accept my sincere apology and ignore it. But If you are interested please contact me so that we can discuss further on the business.

Andrew Cardwell

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