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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Hello Dear.

IN THE ACT (United Kingdom) I have worked in the court for 30 years and I have
handle some of the cases before the police arrested some men that scammed a
woman in Holland of 70 000 .00 euros, but the police has hand him over to the
Interpol and the case was reported to my office to charge him to court.

The Interpol arrested them all but after the investigation. We found out that
the fraudster by name Michael has some of his partners that works together with
him and they are from West Africa and Italy. And we have also transferred the
woman’s money back to her in Netherlands and we still discover lots of people
who he has also scammed their money. I have no much time to explain all this
for now, as I have the case of others to handle.

but because the police said I should write this mail to you as they also
discover your information on his blackberry phone. On behalf of Richard
Walker who is a major and my boss who also helped in bringing out your own
case for us to handle all at once, but right now we are also waiting for the
documents as well to travel to get his partners arrested and as soon as I get
the traveling documents by today we will travel to Ghana, West Africa.

With 5 Interpol that will help out in the investigation And I need the police
and the Interpol in Ghana to help us in our investigation. Mr. Preston will
respond as soon as he hears the information on my part and I need your support
as well.

I hope to hear from you soon if you can identify this young man and if you have
been scammed by someone else from Africa Europe USA Bank Security Company any so
called Authorities or any part of the world kindly let me know now and reply
through this email:


Barrister Paul Milton Cole

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