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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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TEL : +225 52936398

Cabinet Maître MARTINS & Associes
Conseils - Consultations - Assistance Juridique & Droit International.
Bureau: Carré 405, Avenue Notre Dame.
e-mail :


This is to acknowledge the receipt of a bank record that € 345,210

on your behalf, requesting my service to dispatch it to you at any nominated address by speed post or Bank transfer to your designated Account in your country or any part of the world.
I am Barrister Martins Adele Yusuf Esq., a professional Bank Lawyer; having being introduced to intercede on your behalf in ensuring that these funds are transferred or posted to you by bank credit card.

By this instruction, I am to inform you that I am prepared to undertake this duty without delay hence i am to also to request my service fees prior to processing of the transfert.
My consultation fee (service charge) including logistics will cost you total sum of 7,500 Euros ( Seven Thousand five hundred Euros)
This amount can be send in the name of my secetary through Western Union Money Transfer or MONEY GRAM for easy and Convenience and faster collection

Here is the payment information;
Name of Recipient: Oluwatosin Adisa Hamid
Tel; +225 52936398
City: Abidjan
Country:Cote d ivoire

Address: 189 Independent Layouts, Abidjan cote d ivoire.

Please include all the payment information when sending it to me.

This consultation service charge will be used as follows:

(1) If we are to post this bank draft to any giving address either by DHL or any other Courier services to include:

( 2) The Cost of freight and Insurance to avoid loss in transit and this will be determined by the value of the funds being sent by the Insurance company.

If you want this bank draft to be posted you are to send the following information.

(A)Full name with permanent address.
(B)Telephone contact.

(3) If you want this money to be transferred to any giving account in your country, we must have to open a base account with your name here in cote d ivoire before it can be possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Barrister Martins.

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