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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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UBA Payment Center ATM Worldwide Services.
Head office address: Samuel porot Novo house
35 marina p.o. box 5216, Cotonou, Benin Republic .

Your ATM card of $4,700,000usd will be cancel if you don't
respond to this email urgently.

Attn dear,

We the management of UBA ATM payment center of Benin
Republic , wishes to inform you that we are in receipt of

card which was issued in your favor in amount of
$4,700,000usd only from the Courier delivery company of
Benin Republic

and they told us to cancel the ATM master card, because you
said that you don't want to receive it anymore, the Courier

delivery company of Benin Republic agent stated that you
refused to pay their official mailing fee of $97 usd when

contacted you for the delivery of the ATM card, for you
have asked them to cancel the ATM VISA card for you cannot
pay the

fee. You are advised to contact us immediately you receive
this email and tell us what is going on and why you want

ATM card of $4.7million dollars to be cancelled, failure to
do so, your ATM card will be cancelled with immediate

Be informed that UBA ATM payment center of Benin Republic
have the right to cancel your ATM card as the authorized

payment center, but first we would want to be sure that you
refuses to pay the Courier delivery company mailing fee,

before we cancel the ATM card. Be inform that the ATM card
has been returned and it's now in my custody. What we want

know now is what made you to refuse the ATM card, and if
you really don't want to receive the ATM card.

Also note that your failure to acknowledge this message as
soon as possible will nullify your chances of receiving

ATM MASTER card worth $4.7million dollars, and the funds
will be moved into the the Benin Republic government

account as an unclaimed funds.

We shall wait for your email as soon as possible.

Thanks for your corporation.

Yours faithfully.

Rev. Julien Koffi
Managing General
UBA Payment Center

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From: "UBA BENIN." <>
Subject: Very Urgent Please.

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