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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Attn ,

After our general meeting this morning with the officials of this
bank,we have resolved that you will receive your fund via online
payment system , considering the total amount in value.

You are advise to contact the below details immediately.Note that your
fund will be transfer online through DIAMOND BANK BENIN REPUBLIC (DBB)
without any hitch.Make sure you contact Mr.Benedict Ihekire the
foreign payment officer.

Amount to receive $10.800.000

Address : 308, Rue Révérend Père Colineau 01 BP 955 Cotonou, BENIN
Phone number : +229-97912634
Fax : +229- 21 31 21 12
Email :
Contact Person: Mr.Benedict Ihekire Director General UEMOA

Therefore' be advised to contact Mr.Benedict Ihekire with your
details as listed below to enable the Bank to set up your online
Banking account and send the full account information to you so that
you can be able to proceed immediately on the transferring of your
funds without any further delay'


Tony Philip Morris

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