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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Attention Please:

This is Mr. Mark A. Milley a former US Army Contractor presently working as the Assistant Director Inspection Unit of George Bush Intercontinental Airport USA. Thanks for your quick responds however I wrote you an email yesterday over an abandoned shipment left by a diplomat from Africa who was supposed to delivered to packages to you but failed to provide all necessary clearances needed by the US Customs, the chief officer in charge stopped him from complete the
delivery to your address.

From the scanned recently, it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in Metal Trunk Box weighing approximately 280 pounds with Assumptions of 5.5Million USD To 6 Million USD I wrote to know if you are still have interest to get this package or should it go to the Govt Treasury Department as unclaimed property. If you still have the interest to get this Package delivery to you before it go to the Govt Treasury Department as unclaimed property you must therefore get ready to obtain the necessary clearances from the origin of the Country were this Package came from and with that i personal will help you SECURED out this Package from the abandoned Department were it is now and deliver it to your address.

But the Most important thing is to obtain the necessary clearances needed by the US Customs to proof that this Box is legal belong to you as the Custom law demanded. From what i saw on the custom paper list the Diplomatic agent Africa were Charge to pay a bill of $1,500 to get necessary clearances as custom law and rule demanded before they will issue him the delivery order certificate or he provided this to them from the origin of the Box,

In this Case Now I will advise you to choose the option of providing the necessary clearances from the COUNTRY origin of the BOX which will not cost you more than $740 to get the necessary clearances Obtain from the custom department in Africa through the help of Mr Jame Knight who is representing the Citizen of AMERICA in Benin Republic under the diplomatic Mission as US AMBASSADOR to the Country Benin Republic just like he did in the case of Mr Gary Debekky Few Months Ago.

Therefore, if i must help you to get this Package out from the abandoned office were it is now you have to provide the necessary clearances to the MY Department is either obtain it from {AFRICA} with the cost of $740 or the pay the bill of $740 here to issue the delivery order document on this Box.

Remember; If you choose to pay the $740 it will come from Benin Republic CUSTOM office through the help of Mr Jame Knight who stand as US AMBASSADOR to the Country Benin Republic there in {Africa} were this Box came from. Now it left for you to let me know were you want to get this necessary clearances from, if to be obtain from Africa you must then send the $740 across to Mr Jame Knight personal Cashier Name through Money Gram just like Mr Gary Debekky did when he had same problem as you are now.

Here is the receiver information of Mr Jame Knight personal Cashier Name.

Name... Kevin Cogan
Country... Benin Republic
City ...Cotonou
Question.. To Who
Answer.. Cogan
Amount $740

But if choose to get the delivery Order from us here which will cost you $1,500 the you can as well send the charge to us with same Money Gram to our cashier Name below.

Name Marjorie Jenkins
State California
City Manteca
Question To Who
Answer Jenkins
Amount $1,500

I will be waiting for your responds once you get this Email and be advise to offset the payment to enable me bring out this Box from the abandoned office and be rest assure that once you get this payment send to Name Mr Jame Knight personal Cashier he will obtain the necessary clearances and forward it to me, if you choose to pay it here to our cashier Name Marjorie Jenkins it will get to us and the delivery order will be issue immediately for me to complete the delivery of this Box to your address

Mr. Mark A. Milley
Assistance Inspection Director
George Bush Intercontinental Airport
2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032, United States

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