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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Police Command Headquarters
Address: Garki 2, Abuja
Motto: Fighting Fraud In Africa

Congratulations Sir/Madam,

This notification email is coming to you from Police Command Headquarters, please immediately you receive this message, do let us know by responding back, because we need to carry on with this important work accordingly, we are writing to let you know that we have three gentlemen arrested in the Western Union/Money Gram yesterday name Eze Yahan and Augustine Oliver also fake Diplomat, and one of them came from Accra-Ghana, the other from Benin Republic and through our investigation we discovered your email address from one of them, which proved that they have scammed you before, The fact is that one of them made us clear that they did scammed you.

Please this office don't have much time for this issue for now. As you can see, we are very busy based on the mandate given to us by the present Government to arrest most of this hoodlums who have engaged themselves in scamming foreigners. be kind enough to reach us with all your contact details, you are also advised to send down your office address, your phone number and the list of amount you have spent to this internet scammers here in Africa so far, first thing tomorrow morning we will lead them to court and from the court they will be sent to jail and court will reverse back all your money you have lost in the past including the recovered money/cars properties.

These individuals in our custody have confessed they have other syndicates communicating and scamming people in other parts of the world like, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Desist from any suspicious emails or phone calls from any of these places and report such to us.

You are hereby advised to email us back immediate with the needed details, including the amount they collected from you, if you don't know the exact amount you have spent under internet scammers control, do advise us with your past experience with those scammers, but if you don't know the specific amount you have spent, do tell us that you don't know the amount so that the court will charge the Countries how much they will pay you as your re-Compensation. Please all we need is the truth and if you never spent any money to the scammers just make us clear. send the email here

We wait to have the details from you as soon as you get this mail. On what ever happened at the Court tomorrow, we will let you know. you can reach us any time, please don't forward this email to any person from Africa to avoid them using it to do their bad work on the name of West Africa Interpol Service please. Finally, we also want to inform you that we work one on one with the FBI and IMF USA, therefore keep according to this message get back to us now!

Inspector Ibrahim Idris Kpotum
The Inspector-General of Police (IGP)
F.C.T. Police Command Headquarters
Inspector General Of Police Headquarters

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