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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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A pleasant greetings to you and your family, i know you must have felt disappointing because of all the delays concerning your outstanding fund release of which i have been fighting tooth and nails to make sure you receive this fund but you have been thinking that i am there to swindle you.I was suppose to travel to South Africa last MONTH for a meeting with other top Government officials but because of this transfer matter of yours, i decided to defer my trip till next week. So after the board meeting last week with the IMF Office who approved this fund $9,500.000.00 on your behalf, it was conclude that your funds should be paid to you.

Right now, i will advice you follow my last and final instructions because the bank have agreed to make the transfer today. My final conclusion with the bank this morning was that they will make the transfer via western union money transfer.The maximum amount you will receive daily is $6,000.00 until your total amount $9,500.000.00 is fully paid to you.

You're only advice to secure your fund $9,500.000.00 from been tempered by the FBI/ or IRS by obtaining a GNAB Certificate which will serve you as the clearance certificate. Since you are finding it difficult to get the $165 we have decided that you are to go ahead and pay whatever you have out of the total fee $165. But mind you, no amount below $50 will be accepted so we expect you to pay whatever amount from $50 and above so that we can obtain the GNAB Certificate and finalize everything then start sending your payments to you. Send your full name and address where you want this money transfer send to you we shall send you the first details, payment/receipt of your $6,000.00 as soon as the required fee is received from you today. Note: this is the only payment you are required to make in this regards for every other fee have been waived off by the federal ministry Benin. You are entitle to receive your payment today if you do send this today as well.


Whatever amount you send do let us know. Remember, no amount below $50 will be accepted. Please take note of this: Unknown people have been using my name and that of other top Government Officials in swindling most fund beneficiaries. One more time be warned and careful the type of email you reply. I use this medium to inform you don't reply to any mail that do not come with our reference code: UNB/A-74/HJ/BG.

I am waiting on your reply as soon as you get this done because that is the only thing delaying us as of now.

Best Regards,
Internal Auditor with UNION BANK

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