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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Attention Beneficiary,

I am Mr Lai Mohammed, Nigeria Information Minister on foreign affairs
to Federal Government of Nigeria. I was instructed by Senate
Committee on International Transfer to get you informed concerning
your outstanding payment which is now under payment review for 2019
payment Re-Allocation. This took effect after our formal Finance
Minister Mrs Kemi Adeosu, EFCC chairman Mr Ibrahim Lamorde and some
bank directors were fired from office by our government before Mrs.
Vera Uzo the director of Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU)
was appointed to be in charge of financial matter in Nigeria.

This was resolved after the Board meetings involving between Senate
Committee ,banks directors and Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit
director Mrs Vera Uzo whom is now in charge of financial
matter,Involved the foreign Remittance officers of each bank into
this matter,Therefore,it has been agreed to release all outstanding
payment waiting for transfer over the years to all beneficiary's
concern in other to redeem the image and reputation of our

This ugly development has come to the notice of our Federal Government
that some corrupt and unscrupulous persons in bank and ministries
are involve in illegal ACT of fund transfer with bank
directors,Finance Minister and our formal EFCC chairman Mr. Ibrahim
Lamorde by declaring that some beneficiaries whom has
contract/inheritance fund to claim here in Nigeria are dead.

This information has kept our formal EFCC Chairman Mr Ibrahim
Lamorde,Finance Minister some bank directors under our Government
surveillance through NFIU, therefore all protocols must be observed
concerning outstanding debt own to beneficiaries whom their
transaction is due, our governments want to know about your current
situation concerning your outstanding Debt if you are alive to
proceed with the claim.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Lai Mohammed

Information Minister

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