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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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1818 H Street, NW Washington DC 20433 USA.
From Desk of Mr. Patrick J. Koskinen , Director Foreign Remittance Dept.
Tell : +1 (513) 912-9640

Dear Esteemed Customer;
This message is coming to you from the World bank fund remittance department,
we're here to inform you that your total fund of US$2.5 million
has been approved to be release on your behalf by united nations organization
(UN compensation team).
The UN board of directors and IMF has concluded with president Donald Trump
that all the unclaimed transaction will be released to their various
owner this year 2019, noted this offer is valid for 6 working days, if the
beneficiary did not respond the total fund
will be diverted into US government treasury account.
This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email response with the
reconfirmation of your personal details, your fund is valued at the total sum
of US $2,500,000.00 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) has since been
lodged in one particular Escrow Account (non-deductible account) here with the
World Bank and well registered in your name. All arrangements to have your
funds conveyed to you by ATM Master card have duly been put in place prior
before we made contact with you.

We must express our sincere apology for the delay regarding the release of your
payment until now, we have made all the necessary requirements towards the
release of your fund through ATM Master Card Delivery by DHL courier company.
Noted you only have to pay the tax approval delivery charges which will totally
cost $320 and that's the only fee required to complete the delivery to your
address, your fund is now diverted to a vanilla credit card being issued in
your name from World Bank , your ATM card is now ready for delivery and you're
expected to pay tax approval and delivery cost of $320 to US Tax Revenue Agency
before they will approve the fund to allow DHL courier to proceed the shipment
to your address this week, please try to get the payment available this weekend
so that you'll start making use of your card on Monday..

The total fund loaded on your ATM card is $2.5 million the daily limit of
withdraw is $3,000 and daily transfer limit to any bank account is below
$20,000 you'll get the card within 2 days you made the payment, be rest assured
$320 will cover all charges needed to deliver your ATM card to your address and
there will be no more fee again, this is absolutely the total payment required
to complete the delivery by DHL courier company.

Having explained all that above, I'll now provide you with the payment
information to send the cost of the tax clearance and shipment fee. You don't
need to pay any more fees because your fund is already approved and there will
be no more fee upfront. The cost is payable either through Walmart, Money Gram
or Western Union Money Transfer only, please kindly reply for the payment
information below....

Receiver Name.... ??????
Country.... ????
Address.... ?????

we also have all documents and Certificates that will secure the delivery down to
address without anymore problem while the shipment is on progress.

We Look Forward To Serve You Better.

Thank you.
Mr. Patrick J. Koskinen ,
Director Foreign Remittance Dept.

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Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 23:47:21 +0900 (JST)
From: World Bank Cooperation Office <>
Reply-To: World Bank Cooperation Office <>
Subject: Your Attention is Needed
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Orig IP: | Orig ISP: Mtn Nigeria Communication Limited | City: Lagos | Country: Nigeria | More info: ... 10.226.129

Country Code: 1
Country Name: USA
Area Name: Ohio (OH) (513)
Original Provider: Neutral Tandem-Michigan, LLC - OH
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