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Been contacted about a huge inheritance or compentation? It's 419 or advance fee fraud.
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Payment: $136,000.000.00

Greetings to you, this mail is coming to you from the U.S. Fund Comptroller's Office. We are contacting you today regarding a compensation payment which you are supposed to receive from this Office last year 2018. I am happy to inform you that your remaining fund 136 million dollars ($136,000.000.00) the payment has been approved today.

After a brief meeting held today by executive members of this Office, we have concluded to pay the remaining ($136,000.000.00) to you once and for all.

The money has been deposited for you to the HSBC Bank USA.

The only fee you are required to pay is $100.00 to secure an affidavit claim certificate so that you can receive the 136 million dollars successful. I repeat, the only fee you are required to pay is $100.00 to secure an affidavit claim certificate nothing more.

Just in case you prefer your $136,000.000.00 to be deposited directly into your Bank account from HSBC Bank, you will need to provide your bank details where the funds can be transferred to you. But if you still refer the $136,000.000.00 to be paid to you by an ATM Debit card or certified check, get back to me as soon as you read this message to enable HSBC Bank proceed immediately. You are requested to send $100.00 to secure an affidavit claim certificate before the $136,000.000.00 payment can be finalized.

The certified check or ATM Debit card can be delivered to you at your home address personally if that is your choice. Take note, the $100.00 does not required by cash you are advised to pay the fee with an Apple iTunes gift card. Take the $100.00 go to any store where they sale Apple iTunes cards, buy $100 iTunes card scratch the card send picture of the iTunes card for a confirmation.

Within 30-minutes upon receipt of the iTunes card, the affidavit claim certificate will be ready and your $136,000.000.00 payment will be completed. Kindly go now and buy the Apple iTunes card. As soon as you get the iTunes card take picture of the $100 iTunes card send it immediately for a confirmation.

Thank you
Joseph M. Otting

Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Fund Comptroller's Office

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Subject: Payment: $136,000.000.00
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Re: - Marie Jason

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Attn: Online Beneficiary,

Your details information has been received and confirmed with what we have in our database before we proceed to set up your Bank of America Personal Residential Online

Account, we want to bring to your notice the simple procedure to achieve this aim with our bank under my supervision. First and foremost the origin of funds has

previously advised in my initial e-mail was from the United Nation Organization on unpaid payments from deposit funds from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Your name

and contact information was retrieved from the short listed data on the file of the United Nation Organization.

If you try to recollect, you would remember conducted some businesses in either of the mentioned three tier regions (Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe) and the purpose

of selection was randomly made by the United Nation Organization. Our bank stands out from all the presently distressed banks in United State and Northern America to

enable the payment of your overdue transaction that has been pending for the past several years released.

I want you to clearly understand that, I am here to serve you according to the instruction from Homeland Securities of States and United Nation Organization in

particular. Moreover, I am not here to play any kind of joke with you. The clearances from Federal Reserve Bank and US Treasury Department to enable your online

Transfer go smoothly has been issue to
our Bank.

Meanwhile, you have to clearly understand that, before we can set up a new Bank of America Personal Residential Online Account for you here in our bank, the activation

fee must be paid by you and it will reflect in our database and your original account which was instructed from united nation will be activated.

You have to send the sum of $50 usd dollars i TUNES card to activate your Bank of America Personal Residential Online Account, this payment will be credited to your

Online account before we can fully remit the amount value of US$27,000.000.00 United States Dollars This is why it is important that we first of all receive the Bank

of America Personal Residential Online Account Activation fee in our bank, which in turn would record and file the payment of $50 usd dollars itunes card and forward

the information to our headquarters here in USA.

Then the funds would be received, in TUNES registered into the system and once it is sighted, then an instruction would be issued out to that effect and the

documentation would be formally presented to Federal Reserve Bank just as described in my most recent correspondence with you explaining.

Please, if you cannot afford to pay this US$50usd i TUNES card don’t reply to my e-mail; we don’t have time to beg you to set up Bank of America Personal Residential

Online under our supervision. Once your bye the $50 usd dollars i tunes card make sure your send the Copy of the $50 usd dollars i tunes card here in Our Mail Address


Mrs Marie Jason assitant managerAttn: Online Beneficiary,

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Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2019 19:13:39 +0000 (UTC)
From: Mrs Marie Jason <>
Subject: Attn: Online Beneficiary,

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Re: - Jasmine Pierre

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UPS Delivery Company Service
International Operations Division
Office Hours: Monday To Saturday:
Address: 793 Center St, Lewiston, NY 14092, USA.

Attention: Fund Beneficiary,

My name is Mrs.Jasmine Pierre. I work at UPS couriers company here in USA, there is a box package containing an ATM card worth the sum of ($12.6 million USD). we have
here in your Email Address the box package is coming from bank of Africa, so if you are sure that you are the Owner of this box package do not delay getting back to us
by reconfirm of your information and be ready to pay delivery fees $105 and the keeping charges $45 so that your box package will be delivered to you today or tomorrow

Just go ahead an buy iTunes Gift card or Steam wallet card today one of $100.usd and one of $50.usd then scratch the two cards scan and send me the copies, that is if
you can't be able to send the money through WU or MG or RIA. So make it fast so that your box package will be delivered to you today without delay.
contact us on this Email( )

Mrs.Jasmine Pierre.

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Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2020 22:24:53 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Mrs.Jasmine Pierre" <>
Subject: Attention: Fund Beneficiary,Beneficiary

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Re: - Joseph Clinton

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Season Bonus! Bonus!! Bonus!!! Bonus!!!!

I write to inform you that we have already sent you $5,000.00USD
through Money Gram as we have been given the mandate to transfer Part
of your compensation payment of $3.5million USD through Money Gram
Office by the United Nations and ECOWAS assistance no more time again
on our side and they want to make sure you pick up your funds before
we close for the Weekend.

We offer special promo bonus and Your name was among our Promo winners
for this year, This is because United Nations and ECOWAS are
supporting individuals due to the worldwide economy meltdown. and our
head office order us to release your payment for you now to be able to
pick up your first $5000 we are offering a special bonus to all those
among to be able to pick there fund, you are to send only $50 now
for the activation of your fund transfer paper permit, the Normal cost
of the activation is $250 but we offer special bonus that is reason
why we lowdown the cost to $50 OK,

I would have requested for your phone number to give you the
information through the phone but there were many internet hackers. i
give you full Guarantee that nothing will stop you not to pick your
first $5000 today as we offer this season bonus, So be fast and go to
Money Gram or Western Union and send the $50 immediately today so that
you will pick up your first $5000 before we take on this New project,
Remember the faster you send $50 the faster we release the payment
of $5000 to you today so that tomorrow you shall pick up the next
$5000 OK,

send the $50 with This Information below Immediately OK,


SENDER NAME::::::::::

forward the sender name and your phone number,,,,,,,,
we are very serious and promise to make it up to you OK, after you
sent the money just forward
the mtcn or Reference number to us here,

Money Gram Marketing Director General
12 laminawa cotonou Benin Republic
PHONE NUMBER: +234 9137459665

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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 11:49:47 +0100
Subject: Season Bonus! Bonus!! Bonus!!! Bonus!!!!
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