If you are looking for a loan online, then scammers are waiting to take advantage of you.
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The following is a post that was made on the online guestbook of a hotel. Not somewhere that a legitimate financial services company would be advertising.
GET FAST SECURED AND UNSECURED LOANS Here at Fidelity Loans we offer a wide variety of financial services to individuals and businesses owners. We work with small, medium, and large-scale businesses to help them either get started or expand into new territories. We help fund small businesses when needed most to expand existing business, buy capital equipment, pay expenses and for many other needs such as advertising, rent, renovation etc. We give out loan from $5.000 To $2,000,000 with a very low rate of 6.9% From the period of 1 to 30 years duration. Contact Details Email: jgilbertloan@gmail.com or len.bosch821@gmail.com or fidelity.loaninvestment@yandex.com
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If you are reading this post because you have been contacted by this individual then you are100% being scammed - all my posts are thoroughly researched before being posted.

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