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Looking for a job overseas? Don't let scammers charge you for fake visas and travel documents.
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This piece of crap targets victims in countries like India, who are trying to start a better life overseas. They will refer them to a fake travel agency, who will charge them fees for non-existent visas and permits, etc.
Dear Sir / Madam,

Due to the expansion in our services and the opening of new outlets, we need 8 to 15 men and women to fill in different categories of job openings Currently in Bond Place Hotels Canada, Hotel management shall be Responsible for your Air Ticket and accommodation only.

If you are interested contact us with your CV, via our E-Mail address below for more information you need to proceed.

E mail:

Jessica Morgan
Bond Place Hotels Canada.

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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 18:46:21 +0000
To: [Redacted]
From: Bond Place Hotel Canada <>
Subject: Invitation to the Bond Place Hotel Employment Opportunity Canada.

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