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Being offered a large sum of money that has been dyed black and you just need to pay for the chemicals to clean it? It's a Black Money or Wash-wash scam.
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Carefully watch the attached video.
Attention dear friend,
I hope this letter finds you well.
With just little token of $100 in your hands for buying the de-coding Spray Cleaning Chemicals as shown in the attached video, referred herein as (DCS-CC). The sample is just the Spray Can you see in the video used to clean the GreenCards. Of a truth, if you can arrange $100,I will ship you $70,000 (Seventy Thousand) of this funds/ (GreenCards) for your trial experiment at your home. I mean, to do as shown in the attached video all by yourself to get the money cleaned and make confirmation of authenticity with your bank before we proceed for the rest. (WATCH THE VIDEO, READ BELOW PROCESS CAREFULLY TO UNDERSTAND BETTER) - NO JOKE!

Actually, if you can handle the experiment as shown in the Attached Video we will work together for future benefits. I have a total of
$20MILLION (Twenty Million Dollars-USD), which is the worth of the attached Greenish-Cards all in $100 Bills. (See attached Video sample shown on the de-coding of a single $100. These funds disguised as Green-Cards are original USA dollars bills & the coating was just to aid us for a successful delivery out of my country to yours for profitable investment.
Hence I'm still an active politician not allowed by Law to operate a foreign account and for that a Chinese scientist helped develop this
greenish-coated means to easily move the fund abroad. Coating funds greenish doesn't make it fake. I contacted you because I can easily ship these Green-Cards successfully to your address at my own cost, I'll achieve success by moving it out as raw materialsfor recycling once I get your absolute trust. On 1st February, 2023, I did a trial of this by shipping $6Million to a Mexican, he confirmed cleaning the total in one-hour, sent me $10,000 via bank wire, and when asked for more, he switched of his phone and disappeared, making it difficult to trust again.

The Airline that delivers the GREEN-CARDS tagged the De-coder Cleaning Chemicals "DCS-CC" as not Air-Worthy and declined delivery, which makes it harder to be transported. On that note, you'll be required a little quantity of ready made and ready to use with just a token of $100 for a start. And once de-coding process starts and funds realized by you, we'll buy more de-coding spray "DCS-CC" from the money you just realized to enable us clean all.

Although the production process of "DCS-CC" is extremely dangerous that a novice can set the entire city ablaze but once finally prepared, it's always human friendly, no Fumes, odorless, colorless, non-repugnant, non-repulsive, non-corrosive, AND non-flammable. A smart survey has it that GreenCards Worth of $70,000.00 [Seventy thousand USD], can conveniently be de-coded by DCS-CC worth of $200 within 10 minutes time.
I will reward you with 30% of $20Million, while 70% still comes back to me for investment in any lucrative business in your City. There is
no risk factor in this as far as I can guarantee. I want us to start this low key, little by little.

VERY IMPORTANT WARNING: For one major reason, do not ever request that I should send you some GreenCards samples for tests before you buy the de-coding Spray Cleaning chemical of $100. The good reason is this:, The "de-coding Spray Cleaning chemical" has a production Statistics Formula (PSF). "This PSF is a sixteen digits numbers", which is needed by the shipper before a dispatch of GreenCards to your address.
Actually, for effective de-coding & cleaning of GreenCards, here is the procedure. Firstly, you'must first and foremost buy the cleaning chemical to enable the seller give you the PSF (a sixteen digits number), this is what will guide the shipper on the temperature he'll fine-tune the humidity box that will bring the GreenCards to your address for maximum performance of the chemical process. Without buying the cleaning chemical to get the 16-digit-number prior to sending the GreenCards to you, it will definitely have a poor performance for not getting fine-tuned to tally with the cleaning chemical. Kindly follow the instructions and procedures that was tested and trusted.

If you are in agreement, kindly send the following below while i guide you carefully on how to contact the de-coding Spray seller to enable you get the $100 worth for your trial experience,

[A] Your Name
Your Phone
[C] Your address
[C] A copy of your identification

I greatly appreciate the time taken to read this letter and look forward to your urgent response in addressing the matter squarely.

Mr, Anderson Foster

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